Ireland Virtual Field Trip

Looking for a way to “visit” Ireland and learn more about St. Patrick’s Day without leaving the classroom? Try doing an Ireland virtual field trip! Keep reading for some of the best videos to learn all about this beautiful country and add a fun, realistic element to your St. Patrick’s Day Unit!

Taking field trips is one of the best parts of kindergarten! However; it’s not always possible to go and explore everything you want, especially when it’s a place across the world haha. Learning about St. Patrick’s Day, and where it started in Ireland is so fun, but hard (or impossible) to actually visit in person! Taking an Ireland virtual field trip is the perfect solution! We’ve gathered some of the best videos and resources we could find for you!



Ireland Virtual Field Trip Videos

A great way to start the Ireland virtual field trip is by watching this Geography Kids video which gives all fun facts about Ireland! Real kids talking about the Blarney stone, limericks ( a great poetry lesson!), leprechauns, Irish dancing, and geography facts!

This is a quick video that shows some pretty aerial views of Ireland! It is the top 10 things to do with kids in Ireland, so it is all very student-friendly and hopefully makes them want to visit someday!

This is another video that shows some aerial views of Ireland! It’s so beautiful and set to some traditional Irish music, so the students will get a feel for some of that as well!

Irish Culture Field Trips

This video takes a field trip to an Irish dancing studio, and also teaches some facts about Ireland! Irish dancing is a huge part of the Irish culture and it’s so fun to watch! This video is a little longer, 8:30 so keep that time frame in mind when planning when to show it! But they do teach students how to do an Irish dance, so it might be a fun brain break/movement activity!

The music in Ireland is extremely unique and beautiful! This video shows a live band playing a very traditional Irish song using a fiddle, bagpipes, percussion, and uilleann pipes: all very popular instruments used in Irish music!

A short clip from a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland is sure to wow your students! Have them discuss after what their favorite costume or float was. (They’re all pretty outrageous!)


Google Earth View of Ireland

Google Earth views are amazing for exploring places you can’t actually go to in person! You can zoom in to all of the different cities in Ireland and learn more facts in this Google Earth view! Click here to go to Google Earth and explore!

Be sure to zoom in on the Dublin zoo! See if your students can spot any hidden animals in the pictures! Click here for the direct link to the Google Earth Dublin zoo!

Virtual Field Trip to Ireland

We hope you and your students love seeing and learning more about Ireland! Looking for even more St. Patrick’s Day fun? Be sure to check out our “Leprechaun Trap” project! This is such a fun STEAM project that you can either do in class or send home! Click here to read all the directions and get a free printable!

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