Journal Writing in Kindergarten: Tips and Tricks

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journal writing in Kindergarten

Do you enjoy journal writing with your Kinders?  It is such a fun activity once you have a routine in place. It is something young leaners enjoy doing and I love to see them sharing their ideas. Of course, there are so many benefits to journaling in the classroom. Here are a few of the educational benefits that journal writing offers

  • Learning how to communicate through drawing and writing
  • Working on handwriting skills
  • Practicing spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Increasing vocabulary.

Benefits of Journal Writing in Kindergarten

In general, Kinders have very little control over their own lives. Consequently, they enjoy activities that put them in charge and let them choose.

Writing in journals gives students the chance to reflect and choose what they write about. They also get to decide how long their journal piece will be. It is not surprising that kids enjoy this activity.

Perhaps even more importantly, every journal entry helps you learn more about your students. You get a glimpse into their world and see what is important to them.

They also give you a snapshot of your student academic progress. You see how their writing skills are progressing and what they need to work on.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

First things first, make sure that you have all the supplies you need.

Writing Tools:  These depend on the age group you are working with. You will probably need pencils, markers, and crayons.

Journals:  You can use notebooks or print your own. Finding a suitable printable journal can be tricky.   I made this Free Writing Journal for my students.  It comes with a cute cover, scaffolded lines, and a back cover that details the writing process.  You can download it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free!

The great thing about printing your own is that you can create new journals whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you make them weekly, biweekly, or every few months. You can staple the pages together or bind them.  Use different colored cardstock for the cover if you wish.

Chose a Journal Writing time

It is helpful to set a specific time each day for journaling. Children in this age group thrive with routine and it will make your life much easier. A regular routine helps students know what to expect and works well for them.  Many teachers like to do this at the start of the day.

Still, you know what works best for your class, so create a journal routine that works for you and your students. The goal is to encourage free writing and how you do this is up to you.

What do you write about in kindergarten?

Journal Writing in kindergarten should be fun, not a chore. Most kids will think of plenty of things to write about. However, some might find it easier if they have some writing prompts.

This or That writing Prompts

Something that works well is to give the children the option to choose between two prompts. This allows the children to choose what they want to write about.

I made these fun This or That Writing Prompts to glue into their journals!   Students can pick one (or both) pictures to glue into their journal.  They can add more detail to the picture if they wish and color them in.  

journal writing in Kindergarten

Do you have any students that can spend their ENTIRE writing block drawing one picture?

I recognize that there is loads of value in drawing, but they also need to write.  My This or That Writing Prompts cuts down the amount of time they spend on the picture and guides their writing as well!  I spiral these into my journals so they get a balance of more directed writing time and free writing!

Your Turn

Do you enjoy journal writing in Kindergarten? What kind of a routine do you have? Do you have any tips to share? Please leave a comment below.

journal writing in Kindergarten
journal writing in Kindergarten
journal writing in Kindergarten
journal writing in Kindergarten
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