Monthly Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year

Writing prompts for the school year! Each month September to June has a picture to color and a writing prompt to complete. Kindergarten journal.

Monthly Writing Prompts for the School Year

Start the school year with a monthly writing journal for kids. Each month from September to June gives kids the opportunity to draw or color a picture and write short sentences. The prompts are easy for kids to understand and can include a wide range of answers. Included in the bundle:

  • 1 Single page drawing/writing prompt for each month September-June
  • Colorful Cover for the Journal
  • Black and White Journal Cover for Kids to Color

Laminate the cover after it has been colored by students and bind the journal together. The monthly writing journal makes a great end of the year portfolio addition for classroom students, or a family memory book if your child is completing the journal at home.

writing prompts

Monthly Writing Prompts:


The September page includes a drawing prompt for kids to color a leaf pile, and draw themselves jumping into the leaves. The writing prompt asks about their favorite fall activity.


Color a pumpkin and write about an adventure! What would you do if you were a pumpkin and could roll anywhere you wished?


November’s drawing prompt is an empty fall scene where teachers and parents can give their own suggestions. The writing prompt asks kids to write about something they’re thankful for below the picture.


December is when winter begins and the idea of snow is exciting. The writing prompt for December is, “If it snowed today I would go outside and…”


A new year! Kids can write the new year in the box provided and write about something they’d like to accomplish in the new year. Maybe they’d like to be a better friend, or learn to ride a bike. Encourage kids to think about a goal for the new year and write it in the space provided.


What do you love about school? Kids can write about their favorite activity at school and color the patterned hearts.


March brings the new season of spring! For the March prompt kids will write about something they like to do on a sunny spring day and draw a picture of the activity.


April is said to bring showers so this month’s writing prompt is to write about a favorite rainy day activity. Draw a picture too!


Write about a spring garden. What would you plant? Flowers? Vegetables? Color the picture of spring flowers while you think about your imaginary garden.


Summer is here! When the weather gets hot what kind of ice cream do you like to eat? Kids can color the ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream while they imagine cooling off with their favorite flavor.

Download the Monthly Writing Prompt Journal Here

monthly writing prompt

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