2D Shape Puzzles

Jul 21, 2017 | Math, October | 1 comment

Students are curious about the world that they live in. Why not tap into that curiosity (and review some math) with these 2D Shape Puzzles.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

2D Shape Puzzles comes with 10 different 2D shape puzzles for your students. Each puzzle has three pieces: one piece has the shape name and the other two have real life pictures of that shape.

Getting 2D Shape Puzzles Ready

After printing on cardstock, I recommend laminating so that you can reuse this center year after year. They will not take up much space and can easily be placed in a plastic container or ziploc baggie for storage.

I find it easiest to first use a paper cutter to cut out each square puzzle piece. I then use scissors to cut out the individual puzzle pieces. After that, you are all ready to go.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

Doing 2D Shape Puzzles

First students will lay out all of the puzzle pieces on the floor or desk. A student will choose a puzzle piece that has the name of a shape on it. This particular student chose square puzzle piece.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

She then searched through all of the puzzle pieces looking for the puzzle pieces that had that shape on it. She first found a square and placed it below the shape name.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

Once all three pieces were together, that particular puzzle was completed.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

The student can place it to the side and complete the steps again until all puzzle pieces are finished.

Free Printable 2D Shape Puzzles

Another way that this puzzle can be complete is to have your students place all of the shape name puzzle pieces on the floor at once. They will then sort through the remaining puzzle pieces place the shapes with the correct puzzle.

If your students do not know all of the shapes included, no problem. Simply add in only the ones they know. You can easily add in more over time.

To get this freebie click on the image below.


I hope that you enjoy 2D Shape Puzzles.

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  1. Christine

    Love the puzzles. Is there any way to change the diamond to a rhombus? I like to use the proper math terms for my grade one class. This will be used during our centre time. I love all your products and freebies.


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