Teacher-Approved Alphabet Songs

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We love using videos to help us teach, so we’ve gathered a bunch of our favorite videos to help teach the letters of the alphabet!

Alphabet Song by Have Fun Teaching (4:36)

This song provides practice identifying the names and initial sound of all the letters in the alphabet. The repetition of seeing the letters as the song is played will [provide your students the much needed practice some require.

The Alphabet Song by Jack Hartmann (4:05)

Sing along with Jack Hartmann as he sings through the letters of the alphabet while identifying its name and initial sound while offering a visual of a word that begins with each letter.

Harry Kindergarten – Learnin’ My Letters (Run time  2:08)

You kids will love singing along to this catchy rap version of the alphabet. 

Do You Know Your Alphabet by Harry Kindergarten (2:41)

In this song it asks, do you know your alphabet? And gives kids the opportunity to help others learn their letters/alphabet too!

ABC Alphabet Song (R&B Remix) by Desmond Dennis (2:51)

This is a fantastic R&B remix of the alphabet song. The kids will having dancing along.

“Alphabet Transport” – ABC Transportation Song for Kids by Bounce Patrol (3:58)

This is a great song that introduces all of the letters of the alphabet along with a form transportation that goes along with the letter.

“Alphabet School” – ABC School Song | Back to School by Bounce Patrol (3:48)

This is similar to the transportation version above, sharing all of the letters of the alphabet using back to school examples.

Phonics Song for Children | Alphabet Song | Letter Sounds by Patty Shukla (15:25)

This is a great song reviewing the alphabet, and the letter sounds. She also shows everything in ASL.

ABC Song – ABC Songs for Children by The Learning Station (3:15)

And here’s a traditional version of the alphabet song your kids can easily sing along with.

Do you have any other fun songs you like to use to teach the alphabet?

Share with us below in the comments!


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