November Kindergarten Projects

So many fun and exciting lessons, projects, and activities happen in the month of November in kindergarten, preschool, and first grades.  And the  Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group has over 7000 dedicated early childhood teachers (representing preschool, kindergarten, and first grades) who have a ton of ideas to share.

This activity works well with these resources:

Ms. Weaver from Boston, Massachusetts used real cranberries to make shapes and structures with her students.  It was a great way to tie in nature, realia, and add some fun to your holiday lessons.

Using real cranberries to make structures and shapes! Great kindergarten, preschool, or first grade activity for the holiday season!

Ms. Stern from McKinney, Texas did this adorable turkey anchor chart.  I love how she had the kids write the labels and they even colored them!  And if you look closely you will see some turkey projects where they are holding signs to persuade everyone to not eat them!  You can tell from the output that this was an amazing lesson.

Great turkey anchor chart. Love how she has the students write on the labels and has them color in the turkey! Adorable turkey projects too holding picket signs!

Ms. Moore from Dallas, Texas started by making a great anchor chart capturing some adjectives for Thanksgiving.  Then she had her students write some describing words about turkeys on brown bags, stuffed them, and stapled a bone in them to make these adorable turkey legs!

Great turkey anchor chart where the class uses adjectvies to describe Thanksgiving!
Turkey Paper Bag Project. Studnets write some adjectives about turkey on the bag. Then stuff and place a bone in the end. Staple shut and you have an adorable turkey leg!

Ms. Kuty from Fredericksburg, West Virginia – “We made turkeys with sentences saying what thankful for.  We drew and wrote about having the freedom to do our favorite things for Veterans Day. We will be reading Stone Soup and will create a recipe for it. We will then make it in our classroom. Students wrote invitations to parents and the principal to attend. We will Venn diagram different versions of the stories we read. We will also make block pattern turkeys and tally different blocks used.”

Ms. Kim from Simi Valley, CA had the Turkeys in Disguise in full swing in her classroom.  This is a fun family project that is so simple for teachers to manage.  Just send home a blank turkey with a little letter asking families to decorate the turkey however they wish!  You will be amazed at what you get in return!

Turkeys in Disguise - A great family project for your kindergarten, preschool, and first grade classrooms!!
Turkeys in Disguise - A great family project for your kindergarten, preschool, and first grade classrooms!

Ms. Taylor from Ann Arbor, Michigan did these directed drawing turkey paintings with her students that are seriously the cutest!  “They are LARGE (almost kid size). We did them in 2 days, after talking a lot about turkeys. We did “a round body, a neck, and a round head.” Then the second day I put out orange and black for feet/beak and eyes then lots of pretty colors for the feathers. By the time they finish, the beak is dry enough to add the “snood.”

Directed Drawing Turkeys - A great activity to do during your turkey lessons for kindergarten, preschool, and first grade students.

Ms. Gipson from Dallas, Texas had her students write stories about turkeys.  Check out this adorable story:

Students write stories about turkeys! Here's a cute one!

Ms. Tolfson’s class made these fun American flag hearts with her class to celebrate Veterans Day.  They are so easy to make with just construction paper.  Assemble the hearts, trace a giant heart on the back, and then cut!

American flag hearts - an easy craft for any patriotic holiday!

Ms. Kuhn from Calvary, Canada made these free Simply Kinder Veterans Day Thank You Cards with her class.  They are a great quick way to say thanks and have your students practice writing.

Free Veterans Day Cards from Simply Kinder

Ms. Aten from Elm Creek, Nebraska made this fun bulletin board with her kindergarteners.  Fun self-portrait projects and a little note from her and her class to all the veterans visiting – so easy.

Easy Veterans Day Bulletin Board with student self portraits.

Ms. Jackson from Ellston, Iowa made Yuck Soup with her kiddos in November.  This is a fun snack-tivity that when used with the book reinforces reading and writing skills.

Yuck Soup Snack Activity reinforces reading and writing! Kids all bring a different snack to add to the mix. Students read the book by Joy Crowley and then write about what they added to the soup.

Ms. Jones made these amazing building block centers for her in-home preschool.  Uhm – please send your kiddos to my classroom next year!  These would make a great center for kindergarten and first grade too.  And what I love is that they are SO STEAM and so developmentally appropriate!

Sight word building blocks. Great center for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!
Sight word building blocks. Great center for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade! Simply Kinder

Are you a member of the Simply Kinder Facebook Group?  Lots of amazing ideas are shared there daily and it’s just a great support space for teachers and parents of early childhood kids!

At Simply Kinder we work together to bring you ready-to-use resources to partner with great teaching for any curriculum, a Facebook community where teachers talk all things Kindergarten, and low-prep learning ideas that your students will love. Be sure to stay up to date with all things kindergarten on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and through email. Simply Kinder: where teaching Kinder is definitely better together!

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