Oh The Places You’ll Go Flyer

One of my favorite traditions I do with my OWN kids is the Oh The Places You’ll Go! keepsake book.  Each year I give this same copy of the book to my childrens’ teachers and they sign with a message.  It is creating a great little memory book for my kids (or me LOL)  that all of their teachers write a little note about their year with them.  I truly treasure these books.

(Keep reading for the free flyer to share these traditions with your families.)

Oh The Places You'll Go! Keepsake Tradition Signing

And we all know the teacher in you never shuts off, so I have always wanted to get this book for each student in my class each year to start them on this tradition.  Every year I think to myself, I just have to do it.  I have to find a way to gift this to my families because they have shared thier children with me for 9 months and I am so honored to have been in their lives.  I know I don’t need a gift to do that, but it’s just such a meaningful tradition for me that I want those I care about to have it too.

I made a little flyer to share with your families explaining the idea and encouraging them to send in a book.  (Click here to get the flyer.)

Oh the Places You'll Go flyer

Once you get the books you can add your message and signature and return it back to them.

Oh, the Places You'll Go Book with signatures.

Your families and your students are sure to love this fun book tradition!  They will treasure the books just like I do with my own children.

Oh The Places You'll Go! Keepsake Tradition Love Book
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