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Huge bundle of alphabet printables for kindergarten!

Don’t delay and miss out on the chance to reduce prep and increase student learning with this amazing bundle deal! Get over 1,000 printable pages to meet the needs of your students!

What’s included:

  • Alphabet Books (Editable)- One full editable book for each letter so you can customize the sentence on each page.  This is a teacher favorite on Simply Kinder.  
  • Super Fun Alphabet Hats- Hats to practice letter formation and initial sounds. Students will love wearing these home (and families too).
  • Alphabet Snap Cubes- Students will love using snap blocks to create each letter.  
  • Alphabet Bracelets- Bracelets for the letters to practice all the skills. 
  • Alphabet Before and After- Practice basic skills like initial sound and writing.  These pages will challenge your students by having them identify the letter before and after the focus letter.  
  • Letter Sorts- Sort upper and lowers presented in different fonts.  
  • Alphabet I Spy- Identify pictures with that initial sound.  
  • Alphabet Spin to Win- Students use a paperclip to spin upper and lowercase letters.  Students write the letter and race to the top.
  • Alphabet Spin and Write- Students use a paperclip to spin and write the letter.  
  • Alphabet Practice Pages- Basic alphabet printables for practicing writing the letter and identifying the sound.  
  • Alphabet Maze (Lower)- Complete the maze in the shape of the lowercase letters, practice writing the letter, and identify the sound in words. 
  • Alphabet Maze (Upper)- Complete the maze in the shape of the upper case letters, practice writing the letter, and identify the sound in words. 
  • Alphabet Cut and Color- Color the fun patterns and cut out the letters.  These are great for fine motor and coloring skills.  Glue these into a notebook or send them home. 
  • Alphabet This or That- Pick between two pictures that start with the letter.  Glue onto a paper and write a sentence about it.  
  • Little Letter Books- One foldable book for each letter to practice writing each letter and initial sounds.
  • Alphabet Fidget Spinner- Use a fidget spinner to time yourself on these fun pages.  Students can read the letters, circle specific letters, or circle uppers and cross out the lowers.
  • Alphabet Puzzle Stories- Cut and glue the 4 piece puzzles together to create the letter (these are tricky and fun). 
  • Alphabet Dot it- Use a dotter (or color in) the focus letter.  
  • Nonfiction Alphabet Printables- Several printable sets for each letter using real photos.  Students can write words and sentences to match the pictures.  
  • Alphabet Mini Eraser Letter Mats- Use any small manipulatives (mini erasers work best) to make the letters on these small cards. 
  • Apple Dough Mats- Create the letters on these fun apple-themed dough mats. 
  • Alphabet Writing Printables- Practice writing the letters from a-z.  Students first trace the letters and then write it on their own.  These are great for working on the alphabet as a whole. 

Get 22 incredible alphabet activities to use with your students for years to come!

You can get editable Alphabet Books: “This resource is amazing! I absolutely love that it is editable. This allows me to modify the books to meet the needs of all my students. Thank you!” 

“This is one of the best products I’ve purchased on TPT! Thank you for allowing users to edit the words. My students LOVE it! One day, without me saying anything, they picked up their letter book and started reading it to each other! What a beautiful sight to see! Great way to get them excited about literacy!”

and Super Fun Alphabet Hats: “My students LOVE making a new hat for each letter we have worked on! They proudly wear them as they march out the hall in the afternoon! These are great because they create a conversation piece between parent and child…no more guessing “What did you do in school today?”

Alphabet Snap Cubes: “Love this- my students love building letters and using the letters to make sight words and their names. The students at this center are always engaged.”


Not ready to commit today? Yikes! Just grab this free Alphabet printable here: 

But really you should buy this today! This exclusive bundle of Alphabet activities with over 1,000 pages of printables includes what you need to practice + reinforce letters and sounds with your students!

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Jennifer Kadar – Preschool – Kindergarten – First Grade – Simply Kinder


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