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FREE Rhyming Bingo game. Make learning fun with this hands on rhyming activity for kindergarten! Use as literacy centers, morning work or guided reading games. Easy to prepare and ready to go in a flash. Click through to grab your free printable.

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Do you know how much we love Rhyming at Simply Kinder? Rhymes and rhyming have been part of the language for thousands of years. As you know rhyming is the repetition of a similar (or identical) sound at the end of two different words.

Why is rhyming important in learning to read?

Rhyming helps our students practice LISTENING for the SOUNDS in the words. They start to recognize that hug, bug, rug, and mug all end with the UG sound. Of course, this is all part and parcel of phonemic awareness.

To learn more about phonemic awareness and why it is so important click here.

Rhyming invites young learners to explore and have fun with language. As they do so they start to learn about word families without even realizing it.  For example, if we know how to read the word “Cat,” we can switch the first letter sound to “B” and now we can read the word “Bat,” too! Then we can go onto rat, mat, and hat. Transferring sounds from words opens the language possibilities for young readers. It also builds their confidence as readers, so that they can experience success.

How do you introduce rhyming words to kindergarten students?

You can start by explaining that rhyming words are words that have the same ending sounds. Start collecting books that use rhyme and read them often. Make a point of emphasizing the rhyming words, or pausing, so the children can fill in the missing word. At the end of the story ask students to recall some of the rhyming words they noticed.

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Get them moving!

Grab your favorite Dr. Seuss book, and encourage your students to stand up. When they hear a word that rhymes, they must sit down. The next time they hear a rhyming word they must stand up. It could get very lively!

Invite the class to help you make word family charts.

These are a great way to show students how rhyming words share a common ending. Use any two vowel-consonant combinations. Then have students brainstorm words that end with that combination. Magnetic letters work well for this. Start with a word such as “hug.”Show how to switch the ‘h’ with an ‘r’ to get a whole new word, “rug.” Invite students to try different letters and see how many new words they can find. Write their words in lists and display them around the room.

Use Games

Games always make learning fun. They are the perfect way to sneak in some rhyming practice in a fun way.  We’ve created a FREE rhyming Bingo for you to use with your class. Kids love games, so you’ll have no problems encouraging them to do this activity.

This game is played like a classic bingo game. You turn over a calling card and say its name. Players use manipulatives to cover picture that rhymes with that word. So, for example, If you call the word hug, the players must locate and cover the picture of the mug.

Rhyming Bingo game

What is in the Rhyming Bingo Game Printable?

You will receive a set of calling cards and 4 different mats. We made two sets. One is full color and the other is black and white.

Each mat has the same pictures, but they are arranged in a different order. There is a rhyming picture for the call card that is picked. This makes it easier for beginners.

Most of the words are CVC words that are easy to read. We’ve also included the text, so you are not left guessing. Is it a hat or cap?

Game mats and calling cards


  • Free rhyming bingo printable (download below)
  • Card stock
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Small manipulatives to cover the squares


  • Print the calling cards and as many game mats as you need.
  • We recommend laminating the mats, so they last longer.
  • Cut the calling cards along the dotted lines and pull them apart
Bingo Game mats


  • Give each child a mat and a handful of manipulatives.
  • Shuffle the calling cards and place them in a container. Pull them out one at a time and call out the word on the picture.
  • Students must find the picture that rhymes with that word.
  • Anyone who covers three pictures in a row shouts out Bingo and they win that round.

A Trick to Help Students That are Starting With Rhymes

Rhyming can be a tricky skill for any student who has not had a lot of practice. Students may struggle with this rhyming bingo game. You may find that students are trying to find the pictures to match the word you call out.

You can help by making up nonsense words that use the same rhymes. Here are some ideas

  • Pop becomes Frop
  • Hug turns into Frug
  • Hat changes to Smat

You can ham it up and say you have forgotten the correct word and you need help to remember the correct one. Kinders love this kind of nonsense! It also avoids the trap of looking for the word you call out and pushes them to find the rhyming word instead.

Need More Rhyming Activities?

Your Turn

However, you approach it, rhyming is an integral part of learning to read. How do you use rhyming in your classroom? Leave a comment below.

Bingo game mats
Rhyming Bingo game
Rhyming Bingo Game
Rhyming Bingo game
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