Ripped Paper Easter Egg Collage

This ripped paper Easter egg collage is a great Easter egg craft idea for Kinders and preschoolers. A great fine motor activity and craft that is perfect for Easter in a Kinder classroom.

Easter crafts are always fun, and this ripped paper Easter egg collage is a great way to use up all of your scrap paper, and they look great on display too! Keep reading to learn how to do in your classroom!

Ripped Paper Easter Egg Collage

This ripped paper Easter egg collage is a craft I’ve been making for a long time now. It’s very easy to setup, with very few supplies needed. Not only does it look great on display, it also incorporates lots of fine motor skills with the ripping of the paper. If you’re like me, you hate throwing away the leftover scraps of paper, especially the colored or patterned ones. This is your chance to use them all up! If you don’t have any scrap paper, catalogs and magazines work just as well.

For this Easter craft, you can let the children do all of the steps, or help them out when needed. Some help may be needed by some to cut out the Easter egg shape (although cutting is such a great skill to have them do themselves).  Some children may need some help with drawing the lines and designs. It’s great to let them do it themselves, however, if they make it too small or complicated it will be much harder to fill in with paper.

I like to make a demonstration model of this activity as I find that the children grasp the concept much easier when they see the one that I have made – even if you only make half of it, they should get the idea. I don’t do that for all crafts but I think it works well for this one.

What you need for the ripped paper Easter egg collage

  • Card stock – any color
  • Black marker
  • Scrap paper in various colors and designs
  • Scissors
  • Glue – I used PVA glue but glue sticks would be fine too

How to make the ripped paper Easter Egg Collage

  1. Draw or print an oval Easter egg shape on the card stock. Ripped Paper Easter Egg Collage
  2. Cut out the Easter egg shapes
    ripped paper easter egg collage
  3. Have the children draw their design in a black marker – encourage them to make the design simple and large
    ripped easter egg collage
  4. Have the children rip up paper and glue it onto their Easter egg – a different color/pattern for each area
    ripped paper easter egg collage
  5. Go around the black lines again if you feel it’s needed – this makes the Easter egg ‘pop’ a bit more
    Ripped Paper Easter Egg Collage
  6. Hang them up on display!
ripped paper easter egg collage finished square

I hope your class enjoys this fun ripped paper Easter egg collage. It can take a little bit of time to complete the project so it might be one that you work on over a few days or when they have a bit of free time. I often set up a collage table so that the children can go over there and work on theirs whenever they have finished their other work.



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