Scrap Art and Writing

Feb 7, 2017 | Writing | 0 comments

Using scraps for art projects.

The other day I had a ton of construction paper left over from my class making turkeys the week before Thanksgiving. I had given them the body but they got to use paper and make the turkey feathers, feet, and snoods all on their own. But with this huge pile of scraps… what was I going to do?

Using scraps for art projects.

I decided to give my kids an art challenge and call it Scrap Art! I told them that they could make ANYTHING that they wanted out of the scraps but it had to fit into our illustrating box on the paper and they had to write about it afterwards.

Y’all, I was blown away by how awesome they did! These are some of my favorites:


Using scraps for art projects.

The last one is my absolute favorite! What else would a turkey eat besides a meatball?!

My kiddos really enjoyed their art and writing. It was one of those magical times that even my reluctant writers were engaged because it was 100% theirs. They loved it!



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