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Teacher Tips for the First Day of Kindergarten

Does teaching the first day of of Kindergarten scare you?  Don’t be scared, be smart and realistic about what should happen!  Here are some quick tips and tricks to make your first day teaching kindergarten fantastic! This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources: Label your students as they walk in the door. No one […]
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Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020

You are seeing them ALL over social media – the Starbucks Teacher Cup 2020! These things are SO adorable and I don’t know a single teacher who does not want one! And today we have some tips on how to find them. No matter what grade you teach, the lined writing paper and pencil straw […]
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What To Plan on The First Day of Kindergarten!

Ahhh… the first day of kindergarten!  It’s such an exciting day!  An exhausting day!  But what do you plan for that day?  So many things you are excited to do with your students, but you have to remember it’s the first day and keep it all in perspective! This article works well with these Simply […]
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End of Year Hallway Poem and Keychain

It happens often in the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook group – someone shares something and teachers go crazy for it! Diana Moore wrote this AMAZING poem for her students and made these amazing keychains using a American Sign Language Love You charm for them to keep. Such an amazing end of year gift for her […]
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