Sight Word Walk

What could be better than a sight word walk to get students moving and learning their sight words! Students will love this fun and interactive activity! Keep scrolling to learn how one teacher does it in her room.

Every once and a while an idea is shared in the Simply Kinder Facebook group we just love and we are excited to bring you another one of those today.  Serena O’Malley shared this fun Sight Word Walk she does with her students each year and shared this fun video of her students in action.


Create a sight word path for your students to walk and read.

Her students are required to know 100 sight words by the end of the year.  So one creative way she uses to help her students learn all those words is the Sight Word Walk shown above.  She creates these vinyl circles with sight words and creates a path weaving around her classroom. Her students walk the path every day after they eat breakfast. How cool is that?!  She says the growth her students have made by walking the path has been incredible!


She used her Cricut machine with 651 Oracal Outdoor Vinyl to print them.  She says she uses the square 12 by 12 sheets and can fit about 9 on a sheet.  (Click here to see the Vinyl options on Amazon).

She starts with the 3-inch circles.  She cuts and weeds them (apparently that is a vinyl term).

Then she does the words.  She does these on white vinyl.  She cuts and weeds them.

She then transfers the words onto the circles. She says there are fancier ways to do it, but she affixes the word to the circle with some dull packing tape to pull off the backing and stick the tape onto the circle.  Lastly, she rubs it and pull the tape off.  (You can use transfer tape if you want and it is much easier apparently).

She said it was totally inexpensive and the only time-consuming part is transferring the white words onto the vinyl circles and, of course, scraping them up at the end of the year.

Create a sight word path for your students to walk and read.

You can see in the video that the path weaves around tables, into center spaces, and really all over the place.  (She also uses this same vinyl method for her actual line too as you can see in the photo above).


Is her admin OK with putting the words on board?

She said she did get approval but once her principal saw her students reading those words like above, she was totally on board.

But what about the janitor?  

She says that the janitor knows not to use the buffer on her floors until the school year is over.  She did say buffing them does destroy them.  But there are no issues with sweeping or mopping.

Do you put them all down at once? 

No.  She says she builds excitement by putting a couple down a week. This allows the students time to learn those words and not be overwhelmed by 100 words at once.

Do you take them off each year?  

Yes.  Sometimes the words change year to year or sometimes they get old and tattered.  If that is not the case though and you want to leave them, you certainly can.  (But remember above, there is excitement in growing that path throughout your classroom).

Could I put them in the hallway?

Absolutely.  Just make sure to get admin approval first.  (How cool would it be to have the whole school one so kids can walk the path to specials and read the words they know).

And there you have it. If you have a question, please let us know and we will get it added above!

And a HUGE thank you to Serena O’Malley for sharing this great idea with us.

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