Sight Words By Phonics Skills Activities

Are you wondering how to teach sight words by phonics skills? After all, when you are teaching the word me.. why not teach the word he, we, go, and no at the same time? It just makes sense right? Or group all long a vowel words together? Yes! By learning the phonics skill students are not memorizing a list of words but working on decoding and moving those words for automatic retrieval. Even better, they can apply the skills to read ALL words that follow that pattern! Keep reading to learn more about this new Science of Reading aligned bundle and grab a free sample below!

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This jam-packed Science of Reading Aligned bundle includes what you need to teach sight words in a way that makes them stick! No more random lists! No more memorization! Students will instead work on orthographic mapping, decoding, and applying phonics skills in a meaningful way!

Keep reading to learn more about what you get inside:

A Letter Explaining It All

We started each set with a letter explaining the phonics pattern for each of the word sets. This is a great place to start for you as the teacher and a great reference for your families as well. It explains the phonics rules that apply, how to map the words, and any challenging words that may be on the list. Each letter is half a page and can be folded over to just show the word list.

Word Mapping Cards

It’s important that your students get lots of practice with mapping the words and so we give you two sets – a larger set for the classroom and a smaller set to send home for families. Print these back to back so students can read the word on one side and see how it is mapped on the other.

Phonics Posters

Each set comes with phonics Posters for the word pattern in color and black and white. If a sound has multiple spellings, there is a chart explaining the different patterns and when to use which one. These are great for the students to have too. Some lists may have multiple posters– choose the one/s that fit your class. These phonics posters will make appearances on the other items in each set as a visual reminder for your students.

These make great anchor charts!

Word Lists

Word lists are provided in three different sizes – full size, half page, and quarter page. These lists can be used as posters, in notebooks, for homework, and any other place your students need.

Word Mapping Printables

Orthographically mapping all words is so important. We give you 5 pages of printables to practice mapping the words on the list. Some will have the exact number of sound boxes and some will have a set number of boxes that they have to figure out.

Word Work Half Pages

Working with the words themselves is so important for your students to build connections with the letters and sounds. Students will do activities like working with consonants and vowels or marking the isolated sound. Students can also divide the syllables and any other markings you want to do with these sheets. These activities will help with dividing syllables when students get to bigger words.

Sight Word Printables

You get lots of practice pages that can be used as classroom, interventions, center work, or sent home for practice.

Sight Word Color By Codes

These are always a hit with students and so we gave you two pages per phonics skill! Students will focus on reading the word and coloring it the correct color.

Cut and Color Sight Words

We love cut and color words. So fun – students color and cut them out for fine motor practice. These words can go into a makeshift wallet, into an interactive notebook, into a folder, or just be sent home.

Sentence Practice Pages

Because we know that words won’t always be isolated, we want your students to be able to practice the words in context and so we give you some sentence printables. Students will fill in the sight word or write their own sentence.

Sight Word Word Search and Cut and Glue Sight Words

Students need to manipulate letters and our Cut and Glue printable included is great for that. We made these with Science of Reading in mind and so digraphs are in one box and long a with silent is is also in one box better supporting these being one sound.

Our Sight Word Word Searches are also lots of fun and developmentally appropriate. The words only go from top to bottom and left to right so they are easy to find.

Foldable Sight Word Books

Foldable books are great for centers. Students will fold them hamburger and then hot dog style (or vice versa). These books go over the phonics skill, review the words, and have something a little fun.

Half-Page Sight Word Book

This book is great for teaching because it covers everything from the phonics skills to practicing the words themselves. Students will check off the words as they show mastery at the end.

Pocket Chart Cards

Every unit includes Pocket Chart Cards! These help you to keep the words consistently posted in your room if you choose. We include a full-size set and a mini set that students can even staple into little books.

Assessment or Dictation

Checking in on your students is super important and practicing dictation is one way to do that. We give you the pages with the phonics cues and without as well as the words and sentences to write. These do not have to be formal – use them to guide your instruction with your students.

Ready to teach sight words by phonics skills! Yes! Shop here on Simply Kinder or here on TpT. Better yet, get it as part of Simply Kinder + here (along with thousands of other resources you know and love.)

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  • Science of Reading aligned
  • Teach High-Frequency Words so they stick
  • 70+ pages per Phonics Skill set
  • Work on Orthographic Mapping and Decoding Skills
  • Great For a Variety of Grades
  • Incredible Value for the bundle

Ready to teach sight words by phonics skills! Yes! Shop here on Simply Kinder or here on TpT. Better yet, get it as part of Simply Kinder + here (along with thousands of other resources you know and love.)

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