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Simple St. Patricks Day Math Printables

It is all about rainbows and shamrocks in this pack of Simple St. Patricks Day Math Printables. This is a perfect set for your kindergarteners to work on their addition and subtraction skills on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Simple St. Patricks Day Math Printables

Ready to start adding and subtracting? We sure are!

You will find three worksheets in this simple St. Patrick’s Day-themed math printable set.

The first worksheet features 4 rainbows. There are clouds on both sides of the rainbow and there is a number written inside each cloud. Kids have to add up the numbers in the clouds and write their answer in the box.

The second worksheet asks the students to add or subtract the groups of shamrocks. Have the students count each group, add them together (they can help themselves with their fingers) and write down their results.

The third worksheet features two fields of shamrocks. Kids have to read the simple instructions and color the clovers accordingly. They can color all clovers with the same color or they can color them in two colors, one for the first number and one for the second.

These printables are great for basic math skills – addition and subtraction up to 10.

All of these printables can be colored in once solved! You can also discuss the colors of the rainbow and their order.

Simple St. Patricks Day Math Printables

You can use this set of learning printables both in classroom or at home (great for homework).

Grab this set of Simple St. Patrick Math printables.  You have two versions because apparently there is some debate over what is a clover and what is a shamrock – so you decide.

  •  One with the word clover
  • One calling them shamrocks

We do recommend you laminate this set of printables as this will make them more durable. The students can then use dry erase markers to solve them and to color them in. You will find this is especially useful if you plan to use this resource in the classroom as it can be used for years to come.

Saint Patricks Math Printables

And did you see we now have St. Patrick’s Day Snap Block Centers? This is a set of fun building task mats that will have your kids counting, practicing vocabulary, and so much more! Click here to download them now.

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