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ESGI Kindergarten Assessments

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Need an easy to use and quick assessment to understand your students’ needs and share with parents, admin, and team? Then we’ve got you covered with a video guide to setting up a FREE ESGI Kindergarten Assessment!

Collecting student data is important. It helps you to drive instruction, to pull small groups, and report growth. We found the best online system called ESGI and in this article we are showing you everything you need to know.

This resource works well with

To get started you need a FREE account. And ESGI always has GREAT promotions!

Click here to set up your ESGI to get:

  1. Click here to start your free trial or enter code SIMPLYKINDER.
  2. 60 day free trial
  3. $ off if you choose to extend past the free trial period

You have your account set up, now how do you assess your students? It’s so easy. And then you can use those assessments to pull reports for your parents. What’s great is they give you summary reports AND flashcards on skills they need to practice. An EVEN BETTER is that you can print your whole class at once! Click, click, done!

I love how you can not just easily collect data using ESGI, but you can also quickly pull reports to plan your lessons and small groups. Watch the above to learn about 3 different reports to close those gaps for your students!

Are you teaching Distant or Virtual this year? ESGI has adjusted and you are now able to use ESGI assessments online with your students.

Do you use ESGI? Do you have any tips and tricks? Join the conversation and share them in the comments below.

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