Leap Year Videos for Kids

Leap year is a really fun day for students to learn about, so we’ve compiled a list of videos to use in your lessons. Check out the complete list of videos and engaging resources below!

I have to admit, it’s slim pickings for Leap Day videos for kids. So I found a few that are almost perfect for your classrooms and noted the times of which you should play them.

This article works well with these Simply Kinder Resources:

What is a Leap Year? (4:00)

If you REALLY want to know what Leap Year is, this is your video.  It starts by going over the science behind the why we have an extra day.  At about up to 1:44 the video starts to talk about the Egyptians and history and, although it is very interesting, I am not sure I would play that part for my students.  Oh – the start has a little bit of sarcasm – “Great an extra day, who really cares?”  But the illustrations are good and the video talks about some good points.

VeggieTales:  Larry’s Leapin’ Leap Year (2:11) {RELIGIOUS}

This video explains it perfectly – how every year is 365 days and 4 hours and so every 4 years they put that extra time together for an extra day.  It has a cute start with some fun reasons why we celebrate like “people are happy so they leap.”  There is one religious reference at :40.  It says “Maybe it’s God’s bonus day, his gift to us for catching up on laundry…”  If this is an issue, you can skip those 6 seconds and the rest of the video is perfect for little learners.

Thirty Days (1:53)

This is not so much about Leap Year but about how many days are in each month.  It’s a great little rhyme and the Mother Goose Club videos do a great job of doing things once and then doing them again for the kids to say along.  For February they do reference 28 days except during a Leap Year!

What in the World is a Leap Year? (8:53)

This is a story about time.  Is starts with seconds, years, decades, etc.  At 5:58 it makes it to a Leap Year.  It explains how the timing of the Earth creates a Leap Year and then about how people with birthdays on February 29th only get to celebrate on their actual birthday once every 4 years.  It’s quick and but the visuals are only of the page in the book it is reading.

If you have any that you have found that will work well, please comment below!

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Leap Year Videos for Kids
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