The Goodbye Book: A gift for students moving away

A goodbye book is a lovely way for a Kindergarten class to say farewell to someone that is leaving! The free printable pages invite students to recall and record their memories and thoughts. Put the finished pages together and you have a great keepsake for the child that is leaving.

Did you ever move when you were in grade school? Or perhaps you had a friend that had to move. It is really hard either way.

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It is never easy for young children to say goodbye, but we can do a few special things to help all our students cope with the transition. One of my favorite activities is to create a goodbye book as a special gift.

Goodbye book
Goodbye book cover


A Memory Book is a class book given to a student who is moving away partway through the year. You could also give it to a student teacher when they finish their practicum. Every student creates a personalized page of text and pictures. Assemble the pages to make the memory book.

They are really easy to put together and you don’t need any special supplies.


We’ve put together a FREE printable goodbye book for Simply Kinder. Each page has a place for the kids to draw a picture and a writing prompt to help them think of something kind to say. It includes the following.

Goodbye book pages
  • My favorite memory of you is
  • Remember when we
  • I’ll miss you because
  • You are good at
  • A page to collect autographs
  • A place to put a class photo- the gap is sized to fit a 4 X 6 picture
  • There is also a page for you to write a special note on.
A note from teacher

All the pages are black and white, as we know that many of you don’t have access to colored printing. Use Astrobright cardstock for the covers if you would like to add a splash of color to the book.


  • The Goodbye book file (see below)
  • Brightly colored cardstock for the covers
  • Copy Paper for the other pages
  • Pencils and crayons
  • File folders
  • Printer
  • Stapler


  1. Download the memory book file and make copies of the pages.
  2. Copy the cover on brightly colored paper
  3. Invite students to choose a sheet to fill in.
  4. We have two options for your note, one with a space for a headshot and one without. The headshot is a 3-inch square, so you will need to cut your picture to size and glue it on.
  5. If you have a class picture- resize it to 4 X 6 inches (you may have to crop). Print it out, cut, and glue it in place.
  6. Ask each child to add their autograph if they wish to use that page.
  7. Gather the completed pages and staple them together to make a book. If you would like to make something a little more durable, punch holes and insert the pages into a binder. If you have access to a coil-binding machine, you could also use that.


Create a class picture: Primary Playground has a really cute printable gift that is another easy low prep idea. Students add their fingerprints to a picture.

Personalize a school T-shirt: Have your students sign a school t-shirt with sharpies. Don’t forget to slip some cardboard inside the T-shirt so the ink doesn’t bleed through.

Write letters: Write an encouraging letter to your student. You could also write a letter of introduction to his/her new teacher.


What kinds of things do you do when a student moves away partway through the year?

Goodbye book
Goodbye Book
Goodbye Book
Memory book
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