Spring STEM Activity for Kindergarten & Free Printable

Kindergarten students LOVE cool science experiments. With the start of Spring, we just knew we had to do a fun activity involving eggs. This dissolving eggshell STEM experiment is going to amaze your whole class, and you’ll love the FREE printable with the details and scientific process ready for you. Keep reading for all the info! Get the freebie inside Simply Kinder + Printable Membership here.

This Dissolving Eggshells Experiment is perfect for Spring! Your students will be amazed by this chemical reaction!

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Dissolving Eggshells Experiment

This awesome egg experiment is perfect for April! All you need are a few materials and a little patience (and possibly a strong nose haha) to get the experiment going. Your students will learn about chemical reactions, sensory input, and more as they are completely fascinated by what’s happening! As a bonus, you can reuse the egg carton to plant seeds for another Spring or Earth Day activity, making this the perfect STEM activity this month. Check it out in action here:

Getting the Activity Started

Now that you know what dissolved eggshells look like, it’s your turn to complete the experiment with your preschool, kindergarten, or first-grade class. This can be a messy experiment with spilled vinegar or smashed eggs, so you can decide if you’d like to do it whole, with students observing, small-group, with one student in charge, or as individual experiments.

Materials to Dissolve the Shells

This experiment looks impressive but only needs a few items to pull it off. You’ll need white vinegar, eggs, and small dishes or cups to place the eggs in. That’s it!

A couple of notes:

  • Make sure the containers are deep enough to cover the egg completely
  • Place paper towels or a cookie sheet down in case of spilled vinegar
  • Keep the door or windows open to help with the strong smell

Simple Steps and Patience for Spring STEM Activity for Kindergarten

Something that looks so AWESOME couldn’t possibly be easy, could it? It sure is! Here’s all it takes:

1. First, place a double layer of paper towels or cookie sheet down in case of a mess.
*Student Question Time* Using the free printable, you can have the students fill out the main question, “What happens to an egg in vinegar?” They can make their predictions before you begin.

2. Next, place a raw egg inside a plastic cup or bowl.

3. Then pour vinegar into the containers making sure the egg is completely covered. You can start talking about chemical reactions!
*Student Question Time* Ask the class, “Do you see the little bubbles forming around the egg What do you think is causing that?”

4. Now it’s time for a little bit of patience! It takes between 24-48 hours for the vinegar to dissolve the eggshells. Set your containers aside and check them occasionally.

5. You’ll know they’re ready to come out when a yellowish film covers the entire top of the container, and you can push on the egg and it feels squishy.
*Student Question Time* Ask the class, “What do you notice is different now than when we first put the eggs in the container?”

6. Take the eggs out and wipe them off with a damp paper towel to remove all the white film. Now it’s time for the fun part! Squeeze the egg to show your students how flexible they are without their eggshells! You can even bounce them on the table a little! *CAUTION* Don’t try to bounce them from too high like I did, or you’ll end up with a blooper and a big mess like this one:

Other Science Experiments

Did you know that Simply Kinder has an ENTIRE bundle of Kindergarten science experiments? Your students will love completing these all year long! Low-prep, themed, educational, and hands-on makes it the perfect resource for you! Your students are going to LOVE the candy peeps experiments to do this month, and the planting one is perfect for spring and Earth Day! Get the entire bundle from Simply Kinder when you click here or from TpT by clicking here!

Spring STEM Activity for Kindergarten Free Printable

Ready to get this incredible dissolving eggshell experiment started? Use this FREE science printable to have students make a prediction, write their observations, reflect on the experiment, and write a response. Get the free printable inside Simply Kinder + Printable Membership instantly here!

We would LOVE to see your experiment results. Make sure you tag #simplykinder if you share any photos on Instagram. Or tell us in a post on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook Page.

This Dissolving Eggshells Experiment is perfect for Spring! Your students will be amazed by this chemical reaction!

This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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