Kindergarten Readiness Checklist & Activities

Are your students and families working on kindergarten readiness activities? Do you need some easy-to-explain activities with a readiness checklist for kindergarten? YEP! Keep reading for some simple and engaging things to do to help get students ready for kindergarten!

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Communication with Parents

First, make sure to communicate with parents and families on how to best help students get ready for kindergarten. Some ideas include:

  • How to hold a book and identify the title, cover, pages, and more
  • How to identify their names so they can find their desk and cubby
  • How to open lunch boxes, containers, and the expectations to clean up
  • How to put things in a folder
  • & MORE

Send home this handy letter to get parents thinking of all of the ways to practice these “big kid” skills at home!

NOTE: The new kindergarten packet has a gray box at the top with a family link explanation on each page to help adults understand and explain the activity to the student. These boxes have everything from tips like not writing in all uppercase letters to looking for tutorials on YouTube to open a milk carton.

BONUS: This resource is editable so you can edit it to fit your needs!

Social Emotional Type Readiness Activities

We want to encourage families to work with their students at home to be independent. Some ways to do that are by asking them to:

  • Be able to use the restroom on their own
  • Be able to share and take turns
  • Be able to clean up after themselves
  • Be able to solve problems on their own
  • Be able to ask for help when they need it
  • & MORE

Check out more of the social-emotional activities included in the Kindergarten Readiness Packet here!

Literacy Kindergarten Readiness Activities

It’s important for students to have a strong foundation before starting kindergarten such as:

  • Recognizing their names in print (and writing it too)
  • Writing the letters correctly
  • Being familiar with rhyming words
  • Understanding how to hold and use a book
  • Have fine motor skills practice
  • & MORE

Check out more of the literacy activities included in the Kindergarten Readiness Packet here!

Math Readiness Activities for Kindergarten

Students that have a strong number sense and can identify numbers are well prepared for kindergarten! We encourage families to:

  • Writing the numbers correctly
  • Counting with one-to-one
  • Identifying shapes in the environment
  • & MORE

Check out the math activities in the Kindergarten Readiness Packet here!

Fine Motor Activities

We know that fine motor skills are essential all day and so we want to encourage students to:

  • Use scissors correctly
  • Practice drawing different line types
  • Button their own buttons, zipper their own zippers, etc.
  • & MORE

Check out all of the fine motor activities in the Kindergarten Readiness Packet here!

Celebrate Your Students

Getting ready for kindergarten is a BIG deal! Students may feel excited, nervous, anxious, and more about going to school. Celebrate them for what they are able to do with exciting activities like creating these adorable Hip-Hip Hooray Hats!

Do you have any suggestions for families that you want to share with fellow teachers? Make sure to join the conversation in the Simply Kinder Teachers Group here!

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