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St. Patrick’s Day Videos

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Here are some Simply Kinder teacher approved St. Patrick’s Day Videos.  These videos will support a basic understanding of what St’ Patrick’s Day is as well as review some academic concepts. Check out the complete list below!

Sometimes it’s hard to find videos that are appropriate for kids… St. Patrick’s Day videos you have to be careful of some of the history of the day includes religious references as well as some videos talked about kidnapping; just not appropriate for school.  So here’s a list of teacher-approved videos for St. Patrick’s Day.

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St. Patrick’s Day Videos for Kids

Little Leprechaun Song by Kiboomers (1:23)

This is an adorable song that explains the basics of St. Patrick’s…leprechauns, rainbows and gold using the familiar tune of I’m a Little teapot!  It’s a catchy tune kids will be able to sing along too and you can even add some motions to make it more fun.

Counting with a Leprechaun! By Harry Kindergarten Music (3:14)

Gotta love Harry Kindergarten… this fun song is themed around St. Patrick’s Day including some of the beliefs of St. Patrick’s Day but focuses on practicing counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to a catchy beat! This video could easily played daily to help your students with skip counting to 100!


G-R-E-E-N by Kiboomers (2:33)

This video is themed around St. Patrick’s Day but focuses on spelling the sight word green. Using the tune of the song, There was a Farmer Who had a Dog and Bingo was his Name-o, this song spells the word green. Your students will enjoy clapping along as they make the connection between the two songs.

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Song for Kid’s with Lyrics by Kiboomers (1:40)

This song reviews the colors of the rainbow in a simply to follow song with words. It also discusses the belief that some people believe there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


Dance, Dance Leprechaun! By Kiboomers

This video is a great video to play to get your students up and moving a bit. The animation does not do model the movements so you or a students will have to be at the front modeling the given motions.  It’s also great for following directions.

Potatoes and Cabbage by DidiPop (1:30)

This catchy tune is loaded with real photos of traditions and customs for St. Patrick’s Day.  Throughout the video it stacks potatoes and cabbage which could lead to some conversations about what meals some people eat on St. Patrick’s Day.  And thinking… it could lend itself to a nice stem activity of stacking potatoes and cabbage (maybe have one center of it so it’s not so hard on the pocketbook.)


My Lucky Day – St. Patrick’s Day (3:48)

A fun song about being lucky on St. Patrick’s Day.  Hopefully you and your students feel lucky on this day too!

There you have them, teacher approved St. Patrick’s Day Videos for Kids!

Be sure to check out all of our other video lists and and make these fun free St. Patrick’s Day hats with your students.


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