Subtraction Bowling

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I’m always looking for a new way to incorporate math into a fun hands on learning game. When I came across this inflatable bowling set in the Target dollar spot, I just knew it would be perfect for a subtraction bowling game!

Subtraction Bowling

The bowling set comes with six bowling pins which is a bit of a funky number to work with, but you could always take one away for the time being and work on subtraction from five.

To Play

To play subtraction bowling, I like to have 2 students work together. Have one student set up the five bowling pins. The second student can write down the starting number on pins on the free printable recording sheet I’ve made. One students will use the ball to see how many pins they can knock down. They can count the knocked down pins and record that on the paper and finish the math problem.

Subtraction bowling

To make the game a bit more challenging, use a Expo marker and write different numbers on each bowling pin. Have them add up the total number on the pins to start with and then proceed to bowl down the pins and subtract them. Subtraction bowling

You can download the free printable subtraction bowling recording sheet below.

This subtraction bowling makes subtraction into a game and keeps the kids engaged while still learning which is always a win in my book!

Subtraction Bowling







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