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Transport Collage Craft

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Collages are such a great way to encourage Kinder’s to cut and glue and it also lets them get a little bit creative too! This transport collage craft is always a fun Kinder activity and one that the children often request to do again and again!

transport collage craft

Transport Collage Craft

The fun part about this transport collage craft is that the children can be very creative! While we gave examples of a truck and a rocket to inspire them, I love that they come up with all kinds of creations. We had spaceships, cars, bikes and a few pictures that had nothing to do with transport at all!! The main thing is that they had great fun, managed to work on their fine motor skills and had fun with the process of it all!

What you need for the transport collage craft

How to set up for your transport collage craft

transport collage craft setting up  transport collage craf

  1. Print out your shapes
  2. Cut out all of the shapes – you can do this yourself or let the children cut out there own. If you’re doing this with a lot of students it can be easier to have them already cut out and ready to go
  3. Give each table of students a mix of shapes and some glue so that they are ready to go!

It really helps if you have a few examples to show the students. While I don’t encourage the students to copy me, it’s nice for them to get a feel for the activity. You’ll see that the range of pictures is quite different, which is what you’ll find in any Kinder class.

finished train craft transport collage craft

finished rocket transport collage craft

Here are some of their original collage creations:

transport collage craft finished collages

I hope your Kinders enjoy this collage craft activity as much as ours did!


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