Teacher Approved Annular Eclipse Videos for Kids

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On Saturday, October 14th, 2023 there will be an Annular Solar Eclipse. But what is an Annular eclipse and what makes it so special? The videos in this article will help you teach your students all about them but before you go there here’s the details:

  • An annular eclipse is when the a new moon passes over the sun but it is too small to cover it completely.
  • Annular comes from the Latin word Annulus which means ring which we can say is a ring of fire!
  • Why does this happen? The moon and Earth’s orbits are not circles but an oval shape. This means the moon will be closer or farther from us at certain points in it’s orbit. An annular eclipse is when a new moon is at it’s farthest point and is between the earth and the sun this will happen.
  • This happens every year or two somewhere in the world. Any given point on Earth only experiences this about every 400 years so if you are able to see it is a super special thing!

The Ring of Fire: 2023 Annular Eclipse Live Stream from NASA

This is the official NASA live feed of the eclipse! Please remember to watch this with caution as it is not previewed by us and is live.

What is an Annular Eclipse? (1:44)

This video explains what an annular eclipse is in very basic terms and then in a little more depth. It also covers how to protect your eyes so you can look at it. It’s a very quick and yet engaging video.

Intro to the 2023 Annular Eclipse (1:24 but fully 4:34)

This is a great video that explains what will happen October of 2023. You only watch this video to 1:24 because everything after that is an advertisement for their products to view the eclipse. (It’s a great 1:24 video up to there though).

Solar Eclipse by Dr. Binocs (3:57)

This is a fun video with colorful animations about what happens during a solar eclipse. It details the different stages of the eclipse, different types of eclipses, how to look at an eclipse, and talks about not being scared of it getting dark. It also addresses the annular solar eclipse at about 2:20 (and other types of solar eclipses too). According to this video, the longest a solar eclipse can last is 7 and a half minutes – but this really depends on what part of the eclipse you are timing.

What is a Solar Eclipse for Kids? (2:07)

This a great quick video explaining the different types of solar eclipses including the annular.

Solar Eclipse Time Laps (:48)

This is a really neat way to show your students what happens during an eclipse without having to actually look outside.

Solar Eclipse 101 by National Geographic (4:57)

If you are wanting to learn all about solar eclipses – this is your video. It is not made for kids but does a really great job with videos explaining things that your kinders and first grade students will learn lots!

Lunar and Solar Eclipses Explained (7:34)

If you are wanting to REALLY into details about eclipses, this video is for you. It has great illustrations and animations to show what is happening. It does a really great job showing the shadows cast on the Earth! Annular solar eclipses are covered at about 3:42.

Click here for more Solar Eclipse Videos for Kids!

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