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Teacher-Approved Math Videos

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These fun teacher-approved math videos are perfect for getting your students engaged and deepening their math sense. Get the full list below!

Teacher Approved Math Videos

Are you looking for great teacher approved math videos for counting, addition and other math concepts in kindergarten? This was a very popular topic of discussion on the Simply Kinder Facebook Group  recently and there were some great recommendations. We’ve taken those ideas on board and added a few of our favorites too to bring you some of our favorite math videos for kindergarten. If you have a favorite that we’ve forgotten let us know and we can add it to the list!

1-100 Jumpin’ Numbers & Shaking Shapes – Heidi Songs (1:47)

Heidi Songs was one of the most recommended places to find great math videos, and she also covers most other kindergarten curriculum areas. She has so many great videos but this one is a great simple video that you can use each day to get the children counting to 100. It get’s them moving as well which is always an added bonus.

I Can Count To 100 – Mark D Pencil & Harry Kindergarten (2:49)

This is another version of counting to 100, however this one displays the numerals on the screen as they count. I love this one as it can be used as part of so many different math lessons.

Dancing 2’s Skip Count to 100 by 2’s – Jack Hartmann (2:37)

Jack Hartmann’s name came up a a lot in the recommendations and his Youtube channel has a video for almost every math concept you will cover in Kindergarten. This one is about counting in 2’s and the children will love it! Make sure you check out his other videos as well as you won’t be disappointed.

Skip Counting by 2’s – Have Fun Teaching (2:52)

This is another great video about counting by 2’s. This one goes all the way up to 100 and displays the numerals as you count. This is part of a skip counting series which is great.

Adding to 10 – Ways to Make 10 – Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching (5:29)

If you are introducing number bonds to 10 then this video gives a great explanation and visual representation, as well as providing lots of repetition. The children can sing along to the video and I would recommend playing this at the start of each ‘ways to make 10’ lesson.

Count by 5’s Exercise and Count BY 5 Jack Hartmann (3:00)

Count by 5’s to 100. It’s easy to count by 5 ! Kids count by 5 as they exercise by stretching their arms and legs and across the mid-line of their bodies. This help kids with engaging both their bodies and their minds.

Banana Banana Meatball – Blazer Fresh – Go Noodle (3:09)

I’m sure I don’t have to introduce you to Go Noodle but you may not have seen their new patterning song. It’s one of the best ways I’ve seen patterning explained and it’s very catchy. There are actions (of course!) and a song that WILL get stuck in your head for days! A must watch if you’re learning about patterns.

Number Bonds  to 5 – Jack Hartmann (2:15)

Number Bonds 5 introduces the different combinations of numbers for the number five in a fun way.

Hollabaloo: Greater Than, Less Than, Equal – Go Noodle (3:02)

The kids will sing, dance, and move their arms into gigantic math symbols as they  compare numbers in this song.


I hope you find this list of math  videos for kindergarten helpful. If you have any favorites that we haven’t mentioned, pop into the Simply Kinder Facebook Group and let us know.




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