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Teacher-Approved Subtraction Videos

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These teacher-approved subtraction videos are a great resource to help students understand subtraction concepts and deepen their number sense fluency. Check out the complete list below!

Teacher Approved Subtraction Videos

Are you looking for some great Teacher Approved Subtraction Videos?  Well, here is your teacher approved list from Simply Kinder!  We have reviewed these videos and they are all perfect for your early childhood students!

When You Subtract With A Pirate – Harry Kindergarten (4:30)

The students get to subtract along with the pirate in this fun video.

Subtraction Song – Subtraction Cat – Mr. R.’s Songs For Teaching (4:05)

This is a fun and catchy video that introduces subtraction with numbers three and lower.

Sesame Street: Professor Cookie Subtracts (3:46)

Professor Cookie shows you how to subtract. If you have three chocolate chips and you eat one chocolate chip how many do you have left? Count along!

Sesame Street: Abby and Cookie Monster Subtract Cookies (2:46)

Abby has nine cookies altogether, nine scrumptious delicious golden chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. And she is going to teach Cookie Monster how to subtract by taking away a couple cookies at a time. This is, of course, is heartbreaking stuff for Cookie Monster until he realizes he has the power to subtract cookies with his mouth.

Subtraction Song for kids Subtraction Action – Jack Hartmann (2:40)

This fun subtraction sentences song will engage students with movement as they actively participate in solving the subtraction sentence they are presented with.

Subtraction Song – 10 Little Honey Bees – eLearnin eLementary (2:08)

Cute and simple song that teaches kids to Subtract with illustrations and story of 10 little honey bees.

Five Little Bunnies Song for Kids – The Kiboomers (2:01)

A cute familiar song that subtracted the bunnies one by one.

When You Subtract the Same Number – Jack Hartmann (2:56)

When you subtract a number from itself you always get zero. Sing along with Jack and answer the subtraction questions about taking a number away from itself to get zero

Keywords for Subtraction – Heidi Songs (1:27)

A great video using different keywords for subtraction.

Free math fact fluency activities perfect for your kindergarten and first grade students. Students will love using the pirate map to navigate the facts they have mastered. They will use the activities like color by codes and a center to work on their facts.

And if you are working on subtraction, you have to check out our Pirate Math!  Students will use the map to work on specific facts to mastery.  The bundle comes with addition and subtraction, but you can check out the addition for free.  Click here to find out how to get some of the activities free.

Do you have any other favorite songs or videos you use to help teach subtraction?



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