Teacher Approved Thanksgiving Videos

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A teacher approved list of Thanksgiving videos for kids. These are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Here is your teacher approved Thanksgiving video list for   There are a few factual videos, so of course, use those at your discretion, but most of them are educational and fun!…two of my favorite things!

Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble by Koo Koo Kangaroo (3:13)

This is a fun video that will have the kids moving and following directions.  Super fun!

Thanksgiving Feast by The Learning Station (3:50)

This is a fun song about what people typically eat for Thanksgiving dinner.  The song is repetitive and so the kids will learn the tune quickly.

If You’re Thankful and You Know It by Kidboomers (1:35)

This is a great song if you are having a Thanksgiving or Friendship feast. The video itself is only the band playing the song, but the message is so good that you will 100% want to do this one with your kiddos.

And if you are working on Thanksgiving, you will love this book.  Our interactive Thanksgiving Reader has everything from a DAP  the story of Thanksgiving, to being thankful, to eating turkey.  We just did an update to this resource too, so make sure you grab the update!  (Click here to check it out now).

All You Turkeys Dance Around by Harry Kindergarten Music (5:12)

How cool is this?  This is Harry Kindergarten’s coworker, Mr. Dave Plummer, wrote and sings this song.  It is a fun movement song that is loaded with learning and vocabulary about turkeys.

And if you are learning about turkeys, you will love our Nonfiction Turkey Books with Activities.  This is a six-page story all about turkeys.  The sentences are simple and the pictures are real so the kids are sure to love them just as much as you do.  The set comes with several different options on sizing and also has some great writing activities using those same pictures.

Nonfiction Thanksgiving Books with matching activities. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Gobble Gobble Turkey Song by Zebra Nursery Rhymes (1:15)

This is a great movement song that your kids will love. Super short and quick so it will make a great brain break.

Do the Turkey Hop by Kidboomers (1:45)

Another quick song with motions the kids will love.  So simple, I don’t even need to describe it.

Five Little Turkeys by Zebra Nursery Rhymes (1:53)

This song uses the familiar tune of 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed so your students will be singing along for sure. It also provides a great visual for teaching/reviewing 1 less.

Five Little Turkeys by Teacher Tipster (1:53)

This takes the above video and really adds in the numbers and subtraction sentences.  The song also reinforces how to say those sentences so it is really good math support for the kids.

These math videos go great with our Thanksgiving No-Prep Printables for Kindergarten.  This unit is filled with reading and math printables and centers that require no prep. They cover everything from the alphabet to reading words to counting and addition and subtraction.

Thanksgiving Printables for Kindergarten. Literacy and Math activities with a Thanksgiving theme.

Ten Little Turkeys by The Learning Station (3:12)

This song has a fun tune and is great for teaching subtraction.  The visuals on it are very strong to support the math concept, and so if you are teaching subtraction right now you will want to share this one.A teacher approved list of Thanksgiving videos for kids. These are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Looking for more projects to do in November?  Check out what the Simply Kinder Teacher Group did last November.  Click here to see.


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