Teacher-Approved Videos Letter A

Jul 14, 2019 | Videos that Teach | 0 comments

teacher approved videos letter a

Finding appropriate videos on YouTube can be difficult sometimes. So we’re previewed and made a list of Teacher-Approved Videos Letter A to help teach all about the letter A.


Letter A Song (Classic) by Have Fun Teaching (2:23)

This song identifies the letter a as a vowel, models saying and reading all the sounds of a, and even practices writing the letter in the air.

The Letter A Song by Bounce Patrol Kids (2:05)

This enthusiastically sung song reviews the sounds of the letter a while saying appropriate vocabulary that starts with the letter a.

Hooray For A by Story Bots (1:25)

This fast-paced letter a song will have your students singing high-interest words all day long.

The Letter A by Patty Shukla (4:23)

There is a lot of benefits in adding a motion to help remember a word. This video uses ASL to review the sounds of familiar letter a words.

Letter A by Jack Hartmann (5:09)

Join Jack Hartmann as he practices writing, identifying the letter and sound of A, and reading words that begin and end with letter A.

Do you have any other favorite Teacher-Approved Videos Letter A you like to use?


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