Back To School Tips: 6 Things to Do Now to Make B2S Easier

Do you need simple ways to prepare for back to school over summer break? We’ve got 6 back to school tips that will make your teacher life easier in the coming year! A little work now will make a HUGE difference later. Click through to see our tips and FREE printables. It’s going to be a great year.

Today a fellow parent reminded me that we only have 55 days of summer left. It seems like it was just yesterday that we had 55 days left of school. Am I the only one who is shocked at how quickly summer goes?

Of course, we know that the next 6 weeks are going to speed by. Before you know it will be time to go back to school. You can greatly reduce your stress if you spend a little time getting ready now before the crazy season starts.

back to school planning

Once you’ve taken the time you need to decompress it’s time to plan. Here are 6 things you can do right now to make back to school easier.



1. Reflect

Take a few moments to think over the past year. You want to think about the things that went well and those that did not. What do you want to continue? Were there any areas that need improvement? Where are the pain points? The answers to these questions will help us with your planning. You can find some helpful reflection questions here.

2. Long Term Planning

Free Pacing Guide that is editable. Great for any grade level to plan out or pace your year. Perfect for back to school.

You should have a curriculum and you know exactly how many teaching days you have. Take some time to plan out what you will teach and when. This long term plan will help keep you on track through the year and ensure that everything on the curriculum is covered. To help we have a free pacing guide that you can download.

back to school tips

3. Start collecting ideas

The relaxed pace of the holidays provides the opportunity to collect ideas at your leisure. I tend to keep my ideas on Pinterest boards. If you need some help  check out the archives. We have hundreds of ideas for

You can also check out the Simply Kinder Pinterest account.
Back To School

4. Plan the first week of school

Do you find that the planning days before your students arrive are packed with meetings? There is very little time to prepare lessons or get your classroom ready. I’m not saying that you need to spend your entire summer working. It is important to rest. However, you can do a little bit of work to prepare for the first few weeks of school. Trust me you will be glad you did. It will be so less stressful

Here’s a few resources that will help

5. Create

The summer break is a good time to create some new resources! Tap into your creativity and start making some resources to use in the coming year.

Teacher Hint: Look at the things that didn’t go so well this Can you make something to help you overcome some those pain points?

Maybe you want to make a

Free Welcome Sign


We have created a free editable welcome sign for you to download, print and place on your door. There are a variety of designs to choose from. You will need to download and install the free font KG Blank Space Solid.

6. Organize your room (If you have access)

Spend some time in your room if you have access. to it Even if I’m in the same room year after year, I go in at some point over the summer and look at my room. Now is the time to organize storage space, filing cabinets and your desk.

This year I’m moving rooms (and grade levels sadly) so I have a lot of organizing and moving around to do. Can you even imagine the feeling if I waited until pre-planning week and walked into this?

new classroom

I’m excited for the new room and the new layout I have in mind but it’s NOT going to happen in 3 days around all of my meetings. It just isn’t possible.

I hope you are able to use some of these back to school tips to not be as stressed for the new year! Even if you aren’t able to get into your classroom until mid-July, you can start planning now and have a good handle on what you want to do. That’s half the battle!


Do you have any back to school tips that work for you? Share them in the comment below.

back to school tips

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