Teacher-Approved Videos Letter C

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Teacher-Approved Videos Letter C

Finding appropriate videos on YouTube can be difficult sometimes. So we’re previewed and made a list of Teacher-Approved Videos Letter C to help teach all about the letter C.

This resource works great with these Simply Kinder resources:


Letter C by Have Fun Teaching (3:48)

This song identifies the c as a consonant while including the repetition of many commonly read words in early childhood readers. This one also practices writing the letter in the air, perfect for adding an action to the letter.

Sing and Learn the Letters Of The Alphabet Letter C by Jack Hartmann (3:53)

Learn the Letter C by Jack Hartmann (3:57)

Learn all about the letter C with Jack Hartmann.  It starts with the short sound and works all the way through to writing and ending sound.

The Letter C by Patty Shukla (8:21)

Join Patty as she introduces ASL for common c words. Your students will benefit from having a motion to help remember the sound of letter c.

The Letter C Song by ABCMouse.com (1:59)

This fast-paced and fun song takes you through the name, the sound, and dozens of words that begin with the letter c!

C is for Crazy by Story Bots (1:30)

These crazy robots share their love for foods that begin with the letter c. Your students will be 100% engaged identifying the sound that letter c makes.

The Letter C Song by Miss Molly (4:27)

This letter c song has a simple tune that allows children to sing along while focusing on practicing the skill of reading common words that begin with the letter c and beginning sight words.

The Letter C | Alphabet A-Z | Jack Hartmann Alphabet Song (3:57)

Learn to recognize the upper and lowercase letter C, how to write the letter Cc and the sound that letter C makes. This series incorporates the modalities of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning while teaching about each letter.

Do you have any other favorite Teacher-Approved Videos Letter C you like to use in your classroom?


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