Teacher-Approved Videos Letter V

Kinders will love these fun and engaging teacher-approved videos about the Letter V! Keep scrolling to find all the links and activities you need to teach the letter V!

Finding appropriate videos on YouTube can be difficult sometimes. So we’re previewed and made a list of Teacher-Approved Videos Letter V to help teach all about the letter V.


Learn the Letter V by Jack Hartmann (3:51)

Jack does it all in this fun and interactive song all about letter v. It starts with the short sound and works all the way through to writing and blending.

Sing and Learn the Alphbet Letter V by Jack Hartmann (3:53)

Letter V Song by Have Fun Teaching (3:38)

This song identifies v as a consonant and reviews commonly read letter v words to practice the sound. The song also includes time to practice writing the letter v in the air.

The Letter V Song by ABCMouse.com (2:16)

Your students will be begging you to play this one again. So fun to sing along with this song that also rhyming while singing through dozens of words that begins with the letter v.

Very V by Story Bots (1:21)

This one is a fast one and SILLY! Your students will love listening and singing along with all the silly lyrics of this song, all while practicing the beginning sound of letter v.

The Letter V Song by Miss Molly (3:34)

This song uses visuals to show common words that begin with the letter v. The slower pace allows them to read the words while they sing along.

The Letter V by NurseryTracks (4:08)

This song uses a game and catchy tune to identify common words that begin with letter v. It includes words that begin with both long and short sounds of letter v.

The Letter V | Alphabet A-Z | Jack Hartmann Alphabet Song (3:55)

Learn to recognize the upper and lowercase letter V, how to write the letter V and the sound that letter V makes.

Do you have any other favorite Teacher-Approved Videos Letter V you like to use in your classroom?

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