Tracing Worksheets: An Easy Way to Start Writing

Are you looking for an easy writing activity for your Kinders at the start of the school year? Our free tracing worksheets are perfect for beginners. They’ll help your Kinders practice forming letters and writing words. All 3 worksheets target VERY simple CVC words. They are ideal for children who are starting to learn how to write. 

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We’re at the start of a new school year and once again it’s time to focus on the basics with a new class of learners. Many of your students are just starting to learn how to write, so they are going to need LOADS of practice. We’ve created some quick and easy tracing worksheets to help.

Before we dive in, let’s look at what learning to write involves.


Getting Ready For Writing

As you already know, learning to write involves many skills. When we write, we are using our whole body. Children need to develop a whole host of skills including

  • Fine motor
  • Visual motor
  • Sensory processing

And if that isn’t enough, they must also be able to pay attention to detail also plays a role. We want our students to form letters in the right way. But before they can do this, they must have hand-eye coordination. In other words, their brain must work with the eyes and the muscles in the hand. Everything must coordinate and work together. This takes time and practice.

Kinders must also learn how to hold a pencil between the thumb, index, and middle finger. Learning how to hold and maintain this tripod pencil grasp will take time and practice.

Naturally, you will have a class of students all at different levels. Some children were given many chances to develop the skills they need to write. Others did not. At the beginning of the year, you will need to check your student’s skills and develop a plan.

You probably have some students that struggle with writing. They may need extra time to develop the fine motor skills they need. You can help by providing opportunities for them to develop these skills.

tracing worksheets ready to use

Activities To Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hand Eye Coordination

Once your students have the skills they need, they can start to form letters and write words. Tracing worksheets can be a helpful tool at this stage.

tracing worksheet

What’s on Each Tracing Worksheet?

Our tracing Worksheets are a great way to start your students on their writing journey. They will see the pictures, trace the words, and finish off by using those words in a sentence! We have kept the layout simple, so they are perfect for beginners. Each worksheet features 3 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. The sentence is the same for each word. Students will trace the words of the sentence and then fill the blank with one of the CVC words. We have 5 different worksheets.

The tracing worksheets provide practice in the following concepts.

  • Forming letters
  • Writing simple words
  • Reading CVC words
  • Using CVC words in simple sentence
tracing worksheets ready to use

How To Use Your Free Counting Worksheets

The tracing worksheets are black and white so that they can be easily photocopied. You can print and use them as a one-time activity or laminate them to use with dry-erase markers.

Get your FREE tracing worksheets here:

Looking for a fun and easy way to engage your students at the start of school? These free CVC tracing worksheets are a great addition to your tool chest. We designed them with beginners in mind. So, they provide an easy way for students to practice forming letters and writing words.

The best part is that they’re completely free, so if you haven’t already taken a look at them now’s the time! Download them today!

worksheets ready to use

Try these other writing activities with your class.

tracing worksheets
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