Valentine’s Day Math: Missing Number Hearts

Feb 3, 2017 | February, Math, Valentines Activities | 1 comment

It’s easy to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. It’s such a special day of friendship for kids.

There are a ton of ideas for fun Valentine’s crafts all over Pinterest, but I love to incorporate it into learning. Here’s a simple Valentine’s Math Activity to get your class in the spirit of the holiday.



Missing Number Hearts is a simple activity for your students to review counting from one to twenty. All you need to do is print and make copies.

Your students will need their scissors and glue sticks for this activity. Just cut apart each square on the bottom and glue them in the missing spaces.


When you’re done, you’ll have all the numbers from 1 to 20 in order.

Optional Activity

Do your students have math notebooks? They can cut out ALL the hearts from this printable and glue them in order on a page in their math notebook for an added challenge.

Get Your Missing Number Hearts Printable Here

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    Thank you great iactivities.


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