Videos About Plants: Teacher Approved

Springtime means plants in kindergarten and so here is your teacher-approved Videos About Plants list from Simply Kinder!

Get your full list of kindergarten teacher-approved plant videos for kids! Perfect for spring lesson planning!

From a Seed to a Flower (2:12)

This short video shows the basic parts and needs of a flowering plant using playdough. It provides a wonderful visual and discussed the most basic facts of a plant. I couldn’t help but imagine doing something very similar in a sensory or science center during my plant unit!

The Needs of a Plant by Harry Kindergarten Music (1:02)

I love Harry Kindergarten, you love Harry Kindergarten, WE love Harry Kindergarten! This video is perfect to show every day during your plant unit! The visuals and repetition will guarantee that every one of your students will know the parts and needs of a plant!

Planting Plants in Kindergarten! Use this fun, interactive journal to walk you through the process and learn about the plant life cycle from Simply Kinder. Perfect or preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms. Available on Teachers Pay Teachers from Simply Kinder.

And if you are planting plants, you will love our Planting Plants Science Journal. It will walk you through the process of planting seeds with your class and teach your kiddos about the plant life cycle.  Click here to learn more.

Parts of Plants by Mindset Learning (15:05)

Your students will visit The Jungle Café and “learn” to make vegetable curry. This video focuses on the vegetables and fruits that grow from a plant. The chef explains that we eat all parts of the plant. The children in the video compare and contrast many fruits and vegetables while they cut into them to add to the recipe (What a fun activity to do the whole group or in a center!) Near the end of the video, there is a song that helps simplify what was discussed in this video. The chef also offers a great discussion/writing opportunity at the end of the video when he asks, “Can you make a list of the parts of the plants you like to eat?”

The Planting Song by Mother Goose Club (2:40)

Do you ever play a song for your students and everyone is walking around singing or humming the tune for the rest of the day, you included?!?!  Well, this is one of those songs – you’re welcome!  This song is about planting seeds on a farm. It shows the lifecycle of fruit and vegetable plants.

Life Cycle of Plants by TurtleDiary (1:36)

This video is animated and offers a quick model of a flowering plant. It offers complete definitions and labels.

Planting Plants in Kindergarten! Use this fun, interactive journal to walk you through the process and learn about the plant life cycle from Simply Kinder. Perfect or preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms. Available on Teachers Pay Teachers from Simply Kinder.

Planting seeds in kindergarten is always such fun.  But it’s hard to manage and so it’s important to have clear directions and backup activities so that each student can get soil or water or whatever.  Click here to see all of the activities included in our Planting Plants Science Journals.

How Does a Seed Become a Plant? By SciShow Kids (3:46)

This short video is guaranteed to keep your students attention, it is fast paced and full of energy. It focuses mostly on the parts of a seed and does use some more complex terms like; seed coat, endosperm, embryo, germination. I don’t typically use these terms while teaching kindergarteners but I also see the value in giving my students something to think about and exposing them to vocabulary they will be hearing in the near future.

Peppa Pig- Peppa and George’s Garden by The Official Pat and Stan (5:13)

If your students enjoy watching Peppa Pig they will love watching this video. It has the silly humor kindergartners will understand AND shows the life cycle of a flowering plant! SCORE! If you are really trying to drive home the lifecycle of a flowering plant there are two things you should know….1. The storyteller discusses that you need to plant seeds after you have dug a hole however, the animation shows the seeds sitting on top of the dirt not buried underneath the soil. 2. At the end of the video, George’s sunflower is taller than a 2 story house. Sunflowers do grow very tall but not usually that tall or that quickly. Both of these points would not keep me from showing this video during class, although I would be ready to discuss these with the students if, and only if, they mentioned it.


Parts of a Plant by Smart Learning for All (2:31)

Teacher Approved Video List all about Plants. Everything from the life cycle of plants to how to plant them! These videos about plants are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.

Your students will learn the basic parts and needs of a plant while watching this video. This video uses some vocabulary that we probably don’t use with our students at this age like; chlorophyll, stomata, reproductive, and pollination. However, many of the books you read will contain some or all of this vocabulary also which I see a lot of value in.

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