Virtual Field Trips For Kindergarteners

Take your students on a virtual field trip with these teacher-approved destinations, videos, and resources. Your students will love exploring new places with these engaging virtual field trips! Keep reading to find out where your class can travel to next!

Taking field trips is one of my favorite things to do with kindergartners. There are so many amazing things and places that we can explore with them. There are some important lessons that they can learn from some of those field trips like visiting a fire station or a police station. Sometimes we can’t actually go on a field trip so we’ve gathered all of our favorite Virtual Field Trips for Kindergartners for you!

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Virtual Field Trips For Kindergarteners

Take a trip to a dairy farm here.

Visit a baseball stadium and learn all about baseball.

Take a trip to a television station to learn how tv production works.

Visit Butterfly World and learn all about butterflies.

Learn how they make chocolate at the Chocolate Factory.

Take a trip to the Children’s Theater and meet some of the actors.

Visit a bakeshop to learn how they make cupcakes.

Take a trip to the airport and learn about airplanes.

Visit a construction site and learn how they build new things.

Learn how they take care of money and visit a bank.

Take a trip to an animal farm and learn all about different animals that live there.

Visit a recycling center and learn how things are remade/recycled.

Learn all about trains at this Railroad Museum.

Take a trip to the library.

Visit Hawaii and learn all about the hula dance.

Learn about how they help animals that need to be adopted at the Animal Shelter.

Take a trip to the beach and find out how lifeguards protect us.

Visit a bowling alley and find out how it all works.

Learn all about how to make a pizza at a Pizza Parlor.

Take a trip to the Post Office and find out what happens when you mail a letter.

Visit a fire station and learn about how they protect us.

Take a trip to the grocery store and learn about healthy foods.

Visit a sherrrif’s office/police station and learn how they protect us.

Take a trip to an ice cream parlor and learn about sweet treats!

Learn what it was like to live long ago as a Pilgrim.

Visit a horse farm and learn how they care for them.

Take a trip to an animal hospital and learn how vets help animals.

Visit a Coral Reef. and explore what’s underwater.

Take a trip to the Arctic and learn all about the cold and animals that live there.

Visit the moon with NASA.

Take a field trip to the Miami Zoo and learn all about the animals they have there.

Visit the Dinosaur In Motion Exhibit to learn all about dinosaurs.


Here’s another fun option for the Amazon Rainforest.


Take a field trip to NASA and learn all about space.


Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park and learn all about dinosaurs.

Take a trip to the African Safari.

Visit the Seattle Aquarium and take a virtual field trip to learn all about different types of animals they have there

Visit an egg farm and take a virtual tour of the farm.

And 2 great videos on the life cycle of apples and how they get from the farm to your table.

Live Web Cams

Do you have any other fun places you like to visit with your kindergartners? Share with us below!

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