Free Animals in Winter Printable Worksheets

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Forest animals printable pack. #freeprintable #kindergarten

Free Winter Animals Printable Worksheets

Brrrr! It’s winter and we’re learning about forest animals in the winter using this set of free worksheets! You can tie this in with a teddy bear picnic, hibernating animals, Groundhogs Day, or a simple winter learning unit.

Questions to Explore in a Winter Animals Unit Study

How do animals survive the cold weather of winter?

Answer: Some animals fly to warmer parts of the world for the winter months. This is called migrating, and several species of birds migrate each year. Some animals escape the cold by hibernating, while others have heavy winter coats of fur to protect them from the cold temperatures.

Which animals hibernate?

Answer: Many animals hibernate, including species of bears, skunks, bats, chipmunks, groundhogs, hedgehogs, snakes, frogs, and bees.

How do forest animals prepare for winter?

During the months before winter, animals prepare for hibernation by eating lots of food that their body converts to body fat. During hibernation, the body uses the stored fat to get through the winter without waking up to eat. Animals who don’t hibernate gather nuts and berries during the fall months and store them for winter.


Included in the Forest Animals Winter Pack

Winter Tree Cut and Glue Counting Practice-Cut and count the dots, then glue them to the corresponding numbered trees.

Animal Tracks Cutting Practice-Cut along the animal tracks to reach the forest.

Forest animals printable pack.

Winter Scene Color, Cut and Glue-Color the winter scene and animals. Cut the animals out and glue them on the paper.




Winter animals printable pack. #freeprintable #kindergarten


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