Back To School Videos for Teachers

The first day of kindergarten is so exciting for everyone.  For many kids, there are lots of new experiences they will like lining up and making new friends.  And so here are some Back To School Videos for Teachers to show to talk about rules, expectations, making friends, and the first day.

Grab your cold coffee from this morning and rest your feet yourself while you show them one of these goodies (if you are a teacher you will see the humor in that.)

Back at School Jack Hartman (2:23)

This is a fun new video from Jack Hartman to help welcome the kids back to school and get them excited to learn many new things in the new year

Understand the Basic School Rules (3:20)

This is a fun video about the general rules we all have.  The kids on the playground play a little game show where they answer questions about the rules.  Questions like “What do you do when you want to speak in class.”  This is a great video about rules.

The Rules of the Classroom by Harry Kindergarten Music (2:17)

The list wouldn’t be complete without a Harry Kindergarten song on it, would it? This song is about 6 basic rules most teachers include in their Kindergarten classroom. The tune is catchy and the repetition is the perfect practice for your students to remind them how they should behave in the classroom.

I Gotta Go by the Learning Station (3:51)

This is a cute little song about restroom behaviors and etiquette.  “I wash my hands and I never leave a mess.”  “Go, flush, wash, toss.”  Love it!  It even talks about hurrying up and going along.  Perfect for little learners.

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: How It All Began by Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures (14:05)

Betsey was feeling all sorts of feelings on her first day of kindergarten. Soon she realized that Kindergarten was going to be fun but filled with responsibilities. Betsy was given the job to take care of the class pet salamander named Sydney. Well, she lost Sydney but, luckily she and her classmates work together to find Sydney. Betsy thinks it is going to be a great year in Kindergarten now that she has made responsible, hardworking friends on her very first day.

AMELIA BEDILIA FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL | Amelia Bedelia Books for Kids | Children’s Books Read Aloud (8:14)

I normally don’t put read alouds on the video list but this read aloud is a great one. The reader reads in multiple voices and with wonderful expression. In this story, Amelia Bedelia is a little girl who is going to her first day of school. Amelia takes everything people say very literally. Your students will laugh as they realize what Amelia does instead of what she is expected to do. At the very end of this book, Amelia Bedelia’s teacher tells Amelia that it is her very first day of school too, so if you are a first year teacher and plan on sharing that with your students this video may be perfect for you.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry: Sally’s First Day of School by TheMissFixIt (6:29)

In the beginning, Sally does not want to go to school. She would rather stay at home with her mama. She wants to finish making the puppets for the show she plans to put on her family that evening. She explains this to her teacher and her teacher shows her the collection of puppets she has and a puppet stand. Sally puts on a puppet show for her classmates and they love it. In the end, Sally is excited to be going to kindergarten.

Franklin Goes to School by Treehouse Direct (11:43)

Franklin is very excited for school to start but when he is just about to get on the bus for the very first day of school he begins to worry. He is worried he isn’t a good enough reader or writer, he doesn’t know all of his numbers, there isn’t a bathroom and the teacher might yell. Well, of course, he goes into the school and everything is all right. He has a great first day at school and can’t wait to show his mom and dad his beautiful artwork he made.

Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students! By SoulPancake (3:54)

Oh, Kid President!   I feel so inspired after watching his videos.   He just gets it! Your students will feel the same way after you show them this video. They will be excited to know they will have the opportunity to “teach the world” anything they want. This is a great video to show right before you ask the famous first day of kindergarten question “What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to teach the world?”…could even lead into a first day writing prompt!

Classroom Rules (with the Minions) by keldance7 (4:26)

Ok, so I saved this one for last because it may or may not be appropriate for your students. I think the video is adorable and funny. It goes through several basic school rules and shows a model of the minions NOT following the rule. This could be a bad thing by putting ideas into our students heads. However, it could be a good thing too. You could use it as a teaching tool too. You could stop the video after each rule and have a quick discussion of why it is important to NOT act like the minions did and then discuss what following the rule would look like. Either way…I think we can all agree it is a cute video.

Kid Snippets:  Back to School  (2:27)

OMG – You must watch this. It is just like teaching kindergarten.  So funny.  Hands are for “picking up stuff and tickling stuff and picking your nose.”  So not classroom appropriate but you must watch it.

Back to School Video List for Teachers. Everything from rules to making friends to the first day jitters.

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