Disney Classroom Decorations

If you follow Simply Kinder, you will know that I am a HUGE Disney fan.  There is something about Disney magic that just warms my heart and so, of course, I have a special place in my heart for Disney Classroom Decorations.  This year we teamed up with Eureka Schools again to feature some of my favorite new Disney Decor – Geo Mickey!

This Geo Mickey Bulletin Board Set is PERFECT welcome for our students.  It will eventually say the name, grade and room number but now it is just there and ready.  Seriously, how cute are the little pieces at the bottom? I might be a little obsessed with this one particular set.

Geo Mickey Bulletin Board Set

Located right next to this we did two big bulletin boards:  one for the word wall and the other for a math wall.  Both are a great space for the kids to reference things they need.

Disney Classroom

For the word wall, we used Geo Mickey Paper Cutouts.  If you have ever set up a classroom, you know that spacing out these bulletin boards is not easy.  Teacher Hack – use post-it notes to get things where you want them. This way you can easily move things up and down or side to side.  In this case, we wanted the Geo Mickey’s to not be centered and spaced evenly because they are going to be sections for words and some letters have more words than other.  So we spaced it how we wanted it AND THEN stapled our Geo Mickeys onto the board.  (Smart huh.)

Teacher Hack- Post-It Notes - This way you can adjust it before you staple things down.
Disney Math Wall

And here is a closer look at the math board too. We wanted this to be a place that gives kids somewhere to come and and practice essential math skills and so the contents on this wall will be evolving as we move through the curriculum.  The board uses the Geo Mickey Heads Deco Trim, many of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Beginning Bulletin Board Set posters, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Number Set.  

I just know the kids will love practicing math using all the fun Mickey Mouse themes!

Untitled design-2

And now one of my favorite spaces, the back counter.  This space covers the entire wall of the classroom and has shelves on the top that are open, a counter, and cabinets below.

Disney Classroom Decorations

So we stalked the Dollar Tree and found these bins that fit almost perfectly, threw on some Geo Mickey Sticker Labels and started filling them with all sorts of random things like glue, markers, etc.  On the counter we added table trays.  Each tray has a Geo Mickey Head Paper Cutout that will eventually have the table numbers on them so the kids can had in their work by group.  Lastly we had this giant space between that was just random and bare.  It was the perfect place the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Alphabet Set right at the kids eye level.

Disney Classroom Decor

What’s super exciting about the Alphabet Set is that we plan to have kids bring in environmental print from home and we will decorate the rest of the space.  So it’s Disney, cute, and functional!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Welcome Go Round from Eureka Schools

Two great things going on here in the calendar area, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Welcome Go Round around the edges to tie in the Disney theme as well as the Handy Helper classroom job system that Goofy is holding.  We used the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hand Paper Cutouts, rotating one student per day as the class helper. This student gets to do everything!


Continuing to circle around the room is this fun Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Bulletin Board Set.  We laminated so names and dates can easily be put on with marker.  Seriously adorable.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Bulletin Board Set

I am SO in love with this little part of the classroom.  Do you see it?  Do you see the pocket chart hiding the blocks?  I just think this is a genius idea (see video here to see it in action).  This is great because now the kids won’t be staring at the blocks when it is not block time and it creates a usable space with the pocket chart.  Seriously so smart.  And the space next to it was PERFECT for a the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Beginning Bulletin Board Set alphabet poster, giving the kids a place to practice the letters and inspire ideas of the block center.

Hide things on your bookshelves with pocket charts. This is the perfect way to create some usable space as well as hide things you may not want the kids looking at while they are working.

Displaying student work is just as fun with the Disney Classroom Decor from Eureka.  We had this really odd board that was HUGE and just the perfect space for it.  We used the Mickey Mouse Paper Cutouts to provide a space for each student’s name (we used 2 sets because we could not use the yellow because of the paper) and found this Mickey Friendship Classroom Banner that says “The best part about life’s journey is who you get to spend it with.”  It seriously is perfect for what this bulletin board is for.

Disney Bulletin Board Set
Mickey Classroom Decor: Geo Mickey Pencil Cutouts

The classroom has this giant counter too that will be perfect for alternative seatings.  Big yoga balls and wobble chairs are on the list but for now it will be a place for kids to stand and work.  We set it up with some bins with these Geo Mickey Pencil Paper Cutouts.  These will eventually be a place to store center games or  supplies, we have not quite figured that part out yet but they are ready when we do.  

And no classroom would be complete with boring old cubbies that are not functional.  And so we did some colored paper with the Geo Mickey Labels on construction paper.

TEACHER HACK: Add some colored paper and cute labels to your cubbies. Space them out so when the kids come for each color the kids are not all bunched up in the same spot.
Disney Classroom Makeover: Student desks for meet the teacher night with free ABC's of Your Classroom free printable.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Name Tags are in place and ABC’s of You Classroom and other parent information is ready to go but we decided to do something crazy with the Mickey Mouse Scratch Off Head Stickers and the Geo Mickey Alphabet Stickers at the last minute.  I just know the kids are going to love these.

And back to school would not be complete without a little postcard home.  Seriously, the Geo Mickey Teacher Notes are adorable and I know the kids will be excited to get them.



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Love all the little finishing touches in the Geo Mickey set.  File folders to help stay organized, a pen and pencil holder with Geo Mickey pens so everything stays in is place, and a lesson plan book to help make your year amazing.   I am a little obsessed with out cute this Geo Mickey print is.

Disney Classroom Makeover: Geo Mickey Classroom Decor from Eureka
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