Decodable Readers for Kindergarten

Decodable readers for kindergarten are perfect for supporting your literacy instruction! Once your students have a good foundation in phonemic awareness and have some sounds under their belt they are ready to blend and decode. But finding readers that are engaging and follow a storyline (not repetitive) with corresponding word work activities is a struggle! We get it! Keep reading to learn more about using decodable readers and check out the New Endless bundle. Don’t forget to grab your FREE Short A complete set too!

Decodable Readers in Kindergarten

Using decodable readers in your classroom can be fun, engaging, and low-prep! Keep reading to learn more!

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Decodable Readers for Kindergarten

One of the main reasons we created these decodable readers is because it is so hard to find multiple books for your teaching objective. Say you are working on short a and a student is not ready to move to the next sound and needs more practice but you only have one book. Our set gives you multiple books for each skill so you can do more than one lesson per skill.

Here are some quick details about our decodable readers:

  • it is organized by phonics pattern
  • each pattern includes multiple readers
  • stories have a story line and pictures that match, not pictures that match the words but the story
  • each story has it’s own PDF file
  • easy story has it’s own huge set of printables and activities
  • we made these with science of reading concepts in mind, sounds are on one tile not two if they have two letters in them and stories have a storyline with matching picture (not necessarily a picture for they key decodable words on that page)

Our Decodables with Word Work Activities include over 70 pages worth of materials. Watch below as we show you exactly what is inside and how to use them.

This video will show you what’s included in the Endless Decodable Readers + Word Work Activities bundle! I love this bundle so much! The video also includes teaching tips and ideas to help guide your instruction. This set is designed to include a huge variety of differentiated activities that are low-prep for teachers.

And if you can’t make it through 10 minutes of me rambling about how much I love these, you can check out everything included below.

Decodable Reader + Word Work Activities:

Example decodable reader

Each decodable set comes with a traditional decodable reader that prints two to a page horizontally. Each book focuses on one phonics pattern such as short u shown above.

Each book includes:

  • Review page with the decodable words in the book and sight words (sometime they will overlap too because some sight words can be decoded depending on.
  • A six page story using the focus skill and has a storyline. There is no predictable text. We make some assumptions, if you are working on short u, you most likely have short a down so we include short a words when needed.

We also give you the book with no pictures. These are fun to challenge your students when they are ready.

Students can either DRAW in the pictures or cut and glue the provided pictures in to match the story. Super fun.

Example decodable reader

Each story also comes with a foldable book. These are great because they give your students another opportunity to read the story but in a different way. These are fun to send with your students after a small group to go read with a peer or to take home for homework. These foldable books are one page and require no cuts or staples. Just fold and go.

Decodable Readers for Kindergarten

Each decodable reader also comes with a full 8.5 by an 11-page story in color and black and white. These are great for your students who just may need a bigger version of the story or for your teacher’s copy.

PRO TEACHER TIP: All of the books have the same word placement in the books – so if the sentence is on two lines on a page in one version, it will be on 2 lines in all versions (except that foldable book because that is squished to fit on one page).

Each story comes with a set of printables that support it – essentially word work. These words come from the story and so we provide you with some practice pages and/or keys to help you with those.

The white page on the left is the focus decodable words. These are the words that will be on all of the printables. The words on these pages come directly from the story but the pictures themselves may not be in the story itself because we made the pictures match the storyline not those key words. An example, it would make no sense to have a toolbox in the story The Big Rip but it is a great matching picture for the word.

These are great to use at small groups to warm up or great for any students who need extra support.

Decodable printable activties

We give you LOTS of printables that match the story as well using those decodable words. This provides great word work practice for your students so the learning can go beyond your small group. One of our focuses with this resource is tapping sounds which provides a multisensory, systematic way for your students to hear the sounds in words so they can map the word out.

We have two printables for practicing tapping. The page the right gives the students the exact number of sounds per word so they can focus on the mapping part. The page on the left has four circles for each word and students have to figure out and record how many sounds they hear before they write the word.

These are again great to send your students off after a small group with or use as homework. Students will match the word to the picture, the picture to the word, and build the word using sound tiles.

PRO TEACHER TIP: The sound /sh/ is made with two letters or graphemes so it makes sense for it to be on the same tile. By putting the letters on separate tiles it gives the impression that it is a /s/ and /h/ in the word and it is not – it is a /sh/. So, in this resource when a group of letters make one sound it get’s one tile.

They also come with these word cards. These are great for those practicing those decodable words at your table or independently. They can go into baggies sorted by book or even be stapled into little books. They come with different options – word only, word and picture, picture and they write the word, and just lines so they can write the words they need from that decodable reader.

Word books are another fun way to practice decodable words in the reader. We give you three options, read the word, write the word, and cut and glue the picture. These are great for sending your students off after. your small group or even sending for homework.

Decodable centers & games:

We also give you centers and games for your students. This is one of our favorites because it is super easy to switch out between books. Each book comes with a set of these square cards and so students can even all be working on different words and not know what skill they are working on.

Students will move the picture card onto the mat and say it aloud. They will draw it, tap it, build it, write it, erase and do it again. Super simple and quick yet very powerful practice for your students.

You also get this fun partner game. It’s a one-page printable and requires no prep. Students will take turns reading the words and marking it with their color trying to get four in a row. It gets fun because you can block each other and so the competition can be real with this game. You can use either color markers, mini erasers, or even color your squares – you just need two different to identify who is who. Again, great for your small group table or sending them away to practice after your group.

Decodable Readers for Kindergarten

We also give you two different clip card sets – one match word to picture and the other match the picture to words. These are great as a warm-up or center for your students.

We found these HUGE paperclips years ago to use on them and absolutely love them. We found similar paper clips below on Amazon.

Digital Decodable Readers and Activities

All of the decodable readers are preloaded in Google & Seesaw with interactive activities in color! Just assign to your students so they can work on these during centers, rotations, with parents, at home, or more! Seesaw also comes with prerecorded voice directions and prompts students to record themselves reading the story back!

Check out the video of Seesaw in action here:

And there you have it. This is most of the activities included with your decodable readers (and each reader has all of it). They are organized by phonics pattern and include multiple stories for each pattern provided (or that is our goal so see what is currently included). You can grab this set here on Simply Kinder or here on TpT or keep reading if you want to actually get your hand on one before you make your decision.

Free Decodable Reader and Word Work Activities

Try out a FREE Short A complete set of decodable readers and word work activities with your students now. This printable and digital freebie has 76-pages to support your instruction. Perfect for small groups, centers, rotations, mini-lessons, and more! Just enter your email and name here so the Simply Kinder freebie fairy can send it right over! Already a member, just unlock your freebie here too!

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Decodable Readers for Kindergarten
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