End of the Year Songs

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End of the Year Songs

As the end of the year approaches, you may be looking for some end of the year songs to sing at a performance or for classroom celebrations.  So we searched You Tube and found you these amazing performances and came up with these great End of the Year Songs great for graduations, class celebrations, and just some end of year fun!

This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

AB See you later by Obie Leff (1:45 singtolearn)

This is a video of the letters being signed using American Sign Language. It includes the lyrics and music also.

I Think You Are Wonderful by Red Grammar (2:45 musicmamma3)

This video has a PowerPoint of animals showing friendship and love. It includes the music and lyrics also.

Do you countdown the alphabet?  We have a huge list of ideas for you!  Click here to check them out.

Alphabet Countdown ideas for kindergarten.

What I Am by Will I Am (1:51 Sesame Street)

Don’t Give Up by Bruno Mars (1:57 Sesame Street)

The Power of Yet by Janelle Monae (2:41 Sesame Street)

Counting down the alphabet is also a great literacy activity!  Each letter is editable in PowerPoint so you can customize what idea you do for each letter AND you can insert class photos!  It also comes with a great planning calendar so you can keep track of what you are doing when!  Click here to see this super cute Alphabet Countdown Book for your students.

Alphabet Countdown activities and book.  Countdown the last days of school with this fun memory book.

One Small Voice by Jack Hartmann (4:05)

Sign language instruction at the beginning…song with song music, lyrics and sign language begins at 1:56

Big Dreams (1:56 Jamie Scotto) music and lyrics only, no video

You’re Wonderful by Debbie Clements (2:48)

This video is a performance of this song with lyrics and signed in American Sign Language. This video could be used to learn the motions to teach your students.

When I Grow Up by Tessa (2:03 Jocelyn Tan)

This is a video of a performance. It includes motions, lyrics and music.

First Grade, First Grade (I:36 CentennialSings)

Music and lyrics only, no video.

Editable Alphabet Memory Book

And if you don’t want to do an Alphabet Countdown, but want an alphabet themed Memory Book we have you covered too!  Here is another option for you that is more about the memories you made in class.  Each page is editable so you can customize it and even add photos of events in your class!  Click here to check it out.

The Addams Family Graduation Song (1:19 Cheyenne Waits)

Music and lyrics only, no video.

The World is a Rainbow by Greg and Steve (3:17)

Music and lyrics only, no video.

If I Were a Butterfly (2:29 Mark G)

Religious music and lyrics only, no video.

I am a Promise (1:43 Mickey Pratt)

Religious music and lyrics only, no video.

All I Really Need by Raffi (3:44 PONIAQUA)

Dynamite (3:22 Ryan Stockham)

The title is personalized to “Minford Kindergarten Graduation”

What do the letters say? (3:34 Have Fun Teaching)

May There Always Be Sunshine (1:20 Yvette Latimer)


Out of the Box Goodbye Song (1:01)

Kindergarten Rap (1:09)

 “Dynamite!” (3:22)

(and the lyrics)

Be sure to check out our End of the School Year Pinterest board for even more ideas for the end of the year!

Be sure to follow Simply Kinder’s board End of the School Year on Pinterest.

And you will LOVE our editable Alphabet Memory Book where each letter represents an activity or person in your class.  A great way to practice the alphabet and remember all the great moments in your class.  (It comes with traditional memory book pages too!)

Editable Alphabet Memory Book

Insert photos, clipart, or the students can just draw.

Alphabet Memory Book


  1. Laura

    I love this collection of songs all together! As always you have helped all of us who are SOOOOO busy at the end of school find a bit more time for the important things ~ our classroom full of kids! Thank you!!!!

  2. Leigh Bowman

    Love all your great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Katie K

    “Movin’ On to First Grade” by Stuart Stotts abs Tom Pease is my absolute favorite! Check it out!

  4. Debbie

    Thanks so much for the shout out my friend! I continue to get such great feedback from teachers who use my “You’re Wonderful” as part of their EOY festivities. I’m also thrilled to learn that lots of teachers are using my “Red, White and Blue” with the sign language as they conclude their year, especially if it falls near Memorial Day.

    You’re the best! Can’t wait to see you at FrogStreet SPLASH! Whooop! Whoooop!

    ~~ Debbie


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