Holidays Around the World Activities in Kindergarten

Pack your bags and grab your passport! Simply Kinder is sending you and your students on a holiday adventure around the world. Discover the customs and traditions of holidays as you travel the globe with your class. Students will explore and create as they expand their knowledge of holidays around the world. Keep reading for everything you need to know to kick off the holidays in your classroom.

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Suitcases and Passports

You will create suitcases and passports with your students to begin your holidays around the world adventure. These items will help keep students organized as they travel to each country.

Suitcases can be made with paper grocery bags, long construction paper, or a large file folder. Students will decorate the outside of the suitcase using the suitcase template found in Simply Kinder’s Travel Kit HERE. There are 3 cut and paste stickers for each country that students can use to jazz up their suitcases.

Tip: Decide which countries you are visiting before making the suitcases and only print those stickers.

Students will also need a passport for their worldly travels. Each passport includes an about me page, a map to show where students visit, and blank writing pages. Students will add a country sticker to the blank writing pages once they visit a country.

Tip: Assemble passports with blank writing pages for the total amount of countries you will visit with your class.

Traveling the World

There are many options and formats for students to learn about holidays around the world. You can use our Google Slides, easy readers, and brochures to highlight each country.

Google Slides

Our new Google Slides showcase 12 countries around the world and offer an interactive approach to learning. Real photographs make for meaningful learning experiences as students explore decorations, food, celebrations and other customs important to each country. Grab your Google Slides HERE and make traveling the world a breeze.

Easy Readers

Easy readers are a great option for students to have an individual resource. 14 countries are covered through the Easy Readers and you can grab your complete set HERE. Students can use the easy reader to read in whole groups, partner sets, or independently. You can use these in addition to the Google Slides so students can take them home and share with their families what they learned.

Tip: Toss the Easy Readers in your classroom library for students to revisit throughout the holiday season.

Country Brochures

Country brochures are the easiest prep item to get information about each country in your students’ hands. Brochures cover holiday foods, traditions, and decorations for each country along with other facts students will find interesting. These are great to fit in students’ suitcases after learning about each country. These also pair well with Google Slides and make the perfect review tool after learning about each country.

Holidays Around the World Souvenirs

We all appreciate a souvenir from our travels and your students will fill their suitcases with lots of goodies from their journey around the world.

  • Students can create a postcard from the countries they visit.
  • Create a craft to represent each holiday (a student favorite).
  • Color by Codes
  • Write the Room Activities
  • Creative Writing Templates
  • Math Activities
  • Graphic organizers for student notes

You can pick and choose what you would like to pair with each country. Mix and match options to accompany each country you visit.

Other Ideas:

This activity lends itself to many extension activities. Check out some ideas below.

  • Invite guests from various cultures to share about the holidays in their country.
  • Cook a holiday dish from a few countries for students to sample.
  • Integrate map skills while discovering where each country is on the globe.
  • Have groups of students showcase each country by sharing their research and suitcase of activities with visitors.

Discover the Holidays Around the World activities and so many more resources HERE at Simply Kinder + printable membership.

Bon Voyage!

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