Sight Words by Phonics Skill – Digraph CK with K Sound


Sight Words by Phonics Skill – Digraph CK with K Sound


Did you know that most high frequency words (or sight words) can be decoded? So why not learn them by phonic skills? This is a set of Short E words such as he, we, no, go and she with everything your students need to be successful to read and write them!


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Did you know that most sight words ARE DECODABLE? That’s right. If you are teaching the word ME, why not teach the word BE, HE, WE, SO, and GO?  Or when you are teaching the short a sound, why not teach the words SAT and HAD?  By understanding why these words say the sound they do in them, students can apply that skill to all of the other words they encounter with it!

So we are taking a deeper dive into the Fry, Dolch, and other common sight words lists to find the patterns so you can teach your students how to actually decode them and get those high-frequency words under their belt SO MUCH FASTER!  Woohoo!

Included in this bundle is:

This is the bundle for our Sight Words by Phonics Skills sets.  Each set is focused on one spelling pattern or generalization/rule.  Teach your students the pattern or rule and then watch them decode ALL the high-frequency words with that pattern.

Each pattern includes a separate 70+ page file with these resources:

  • Parent letter explaining the pattern and lists the words.
  • Poster for the spelling rule or generalization or pattern.
  • Word Lists in 3 different sizes and in color and black and white.  These include the main rule for that group of words.
  • Decoding Cards with how to map them on the back in two sizes – one for class and one to send home.
  • Word Mapping Printables
  • Half page printable where students can circle the patterns and/or highlight the consonants and vowels different colors.
  • Fun printables like rainbow coloring, spin and write, cut and glue, search and find, color by code, and more.
  • Sentence printables where students will fill in the decodable sentences and another where they write their own.
  • Cut and Color words for all of the words in fun patterns on the list.
  • Two foldable books that review the words, the pattern, and a quick fun activity.  These books fold into fourths.
  • One half page book filled with activities for the group of words including mapping, the reviewing the rule, and checking off the word once they know it.
  • Pocket chart cards in full size for your wall and in mini size so students can have a set.
  • Assessment pages with the rule and without.  We also include a key with words and sentences to dictate.
Can you do this AND ❤️ “heart words”?
YES! many lists include challenge words that will stretch what your students can do. For example, in our Open Syllable set there is the word she. If your students have not learned the SH sound yet they could put a ❤️ HEART over the SH so you can tell them it’s a skill that is coming but for now, they just have to know it by heart. Hearts should be done sounds they have not learned yet – hence DECODING sight words.
Thought: This is a lot different? Can I DO IT? How will I know and how will I explain it to families?
We have you covered. We give you the phonics rules, spelling patterns, and generalizations. You just teach those to your students and use the words on the list. We even give you a family letter to explain the why and how for each spelling pattern. 

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