Color By Code Sight Words Printables for Kindergarten

Your students will love using our color by code sight words printables for kindergarten. We’ve got four coloring pages with a fun summer theme. Perfect for the Kindergarten level. Invite your student to use the code key to color in each section and reveal the summary pictures hidden on the pages.

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Can you believe that we are at the end of another school year? If you are like me, you want to send students home with a bunch of fun pages to help them work on their literacy skills during the holidays. Today we have a FREE color by code sight words printables for kindergarten. It will be a great addition to a take home literacy package. Or print some up to use in the classroom.

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are those words that we see most often in any text. Researchers like Edward Fry realized that one third of all text consists of 25 words. He then went on to note that half of all text is made up of 100 words. Many of them are small like all, did and she. Others are a little longer like please, like, and under. If children can learn to recognize these words their fluency levels will take off.

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We want our students to get to the point where they can recognise the word immediately without having to try and sound it. Learning phonics is useful, but it takes a long time to have to sound out each word individually. It also makes reading tedious and we don’t want that!

Our student’s reading will improve once they can see and recognise these words. In theory they should be able to read 50% of all text. It takes a while for kids to get to this point, but we can help by providing lots of opportunities for practice. Sight words printables are your secret weapon!

color by code summer sheets

Color by Code Sight Words Printables for Kindergarten

Our color by code sight words printables is a fun way to review and practice some of the Fry sight word. Kids love coloring these pictures. I think there is something about the way a picture emerges as you color.  They are engaging way to practice and your kinders will get excited about finishing each picture.

This color by code sight words is very versatile activity. They are perfect for morning work, early finishers, literacy centers, or to send home. They would be a great thing to include in a vacation package that goes home with kids.

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Students will practice three different skills.

  1. Reading sight words.
  2. Learning to use a key.
  3. Strengthening the fine motor skills, they need to write.

Each coloring sheet uses 7 sight words and there are four designs. The four sheets use the following words from the Fry sight word list.

all, am, are, ate, be, but, came, did, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, new, our, ran, she, saw, say, the, they, was, well, yes, please

color by code summer sheets

Kinders can use crayons or colored pencils to color the worksheets.

Easy Prep

Just download and print and you are ready to go.

How to Use Our Sight Words Printables for Kindergarten

Each student will need a copy of one of the coloring sheets and something to color with. Direct them to color the crayons first. This helps them figure out which colors they will need and highlights what color is used for each sight word.

You can also suggest that they put away the colors that are not being used.

Demonstrate how to color the picture one area at a time. Invite Kinders to read the word in each section of the picture and locate that word in the key. This will show them what color to use. Encourage children to color the section carefully. This is the one time when it is good to stay inside the lines!

Children will color the picture one area at a time until the whole pictures is colored. They will then be able to see the hidden picture. Obviously, this is an activity that can be done over time. It is not necessary to complete the picture in one sitting unless the students want to do that.

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Need Some More Sight Words Printables for Kindergarten?

color by code summer sheets
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