Summer Writing Prompts to Get Kinders Writing

Our FREE summer writing prompts are the perfect way to get Kindergarten students writing. They are filled with loads of activities that will spark your student’s creativity. Just download and print. We’ve also included a page of story starters for children who are ready for longer writing projects.

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How did your students do with writing this year? Helping Kinders develop their writing skills is quite the task, isn’t it? They must progress from tracing to letters to using complete sentences in such a short amount of time. Then, just as they get somewhere, it is time for the summer vacation.

Our summer writing prompts are perfect for this time in the school year. Hopefully, your students have grasped the basic skills of writing and can write simple stories. Some of the pages are very simple so that children who are still working on writing skills can use them.

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Summer Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

All students have stories to tell, don’t they? We can help them do that. The trick is to find topics that are meaningful to Kinders.

Summer has finally arrived here. The weather is warmer, and the days are long. The kids in our neighborhood are out playing on their bikes and in the park. Families are taking time to go to the local beaches, and we see a procession of campers leaving each weekend.

It seemed like the perfect time for some summer-themed writing pages. Our FREE summer writing prompts are the perfect way to get children writing. You will find 5 pages with prompts and an extra page of story starters.

Use these story prompts as a fun exercise during the crazy end-of-school excitement. Or print up a package for each student to take home for the vacation.

Whether you are a teacher or a home-schooling parent, you will appreciate how easy this activity is to prepare. Just download, print and you are ready to go.

Our Summer Prompts are designed for children finishing Kindergarten! We’ve also included a sheet of story starters that would be suitable for older grades. Children who enjoy writing longer stories can always continue onto a second page if they wish.

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What You Will Find in Our Summer Writing Prompts

Our writing prompts invite students to write stories with a summer theme. The prompts are created to grab children’s imagination. So, enjoy the process. Let’s take a closer look.

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The first page is a quick summer writing activity. It is an easy way to get your students thinking about the season. They describe some of the things they notice about summer and write a short bucket list.

summer is fun worksheet

The second page encourages students to write a longer piece about summer. Students draw a picture and then write a few sentences. It is very open-ended and the students can take it in any direction they wish. They can make it a descriptive piece, or write a summer story using their imaginations.

The third page invites Kinders to design an amazing sandcastle. They are asked to draw a picture of the castle. Then they imagine they are small enough to go inside and write about what happens.

design a t-shirt

The fourth page is a design and describe exercise. This time students get to design a T-shirt and describe it. It might be helpful to brainstorm a list of describing words the students can use.

magical creature writing prompt

The fifth page asks students to invent a magical summery creature. They are invited to name the creator, draw a picture, and tell what adventures they might have together! Encourage children to continue their story on another page if they need more space.

The last page has 10 summer story prompts. Some of them are imaginative and others encourage Kinders to describe something.

Using The Summer Story Prompts

These summer story printables, and prompts are perfect for kindergarten students who are starting to develop their writing skills. Older students can choose a story prompt and write something longer if they wish. They may also come up with some ideas of their own.

You might also use the prompts during circle time. You start the story off by reading one of the story starters, then invite students to add to the story one sentence at a time. It is always fun to see where these kinds of stories go.

Story prompts are perfect for journal writing, writing centers, and can be sent home as a fun family project.

Another writing project your students might enjoy is creating comic strips. It is an alternate form of storytelling and is a lot of fun. Provide kids with a simple blank comic strip and give them a story prompt. You can find instructions and comic strip templates here.

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Need More Writing Resources?

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