Turkey Handprint Plate Freebie

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Is it even November in Kindergarten if your students don’t make a Turkey handprint? 🦃 Make it even more special by adding this cute poem on a plate to take home for the grownups. Keep reading to get the freebie and directions!

Turkey Poem, Freebie, Free printable

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School is so much fun in November! There are a ton of turkey activities to really get your students in the Thanksgiving spirit. You’ve probably made a turkey handprint before, but this activity also has an adorable poem that you can add to a paper or ceramic plate. It’s perfect to send home to use for Thanksgiving dinner!

This activity works well with these resources:

Getting in the Turkey (Handprint) Spirit:

This cute song will get your kinders thinking about Thanksgiving and turkeys! You can play it to get the activity started and have them all singing along! They’ll be even more excited to make their own turkey handprints after that.

Supplies Needed:

Depending on your budget, you can make these with paper plates or ceramic plates from the dollar store. Either option will be super cute and the grownups will love them! 🎨

-Paper or ceramic plates

-Glue (the type you need will depend on the material of plates)

-Washable, non-toxic paint: brown, red, yellow, orange, blue


-Baby wipes for easy cleanup!


-Modge Podge if you use ceramic plates

Make Your Handprint:

-Print the poem on cardstock (download below) and cut along the circle. There are two different sizes to match either size plate you would use!

-Glue along the circle on the back of the paper plate

-Have students sign/write their name on the bottom

-Paint their hands with the thumb and palm brown, and each other finger a different color

-Gently press their hand down on the plate being careful not to smear it

-After it dries, have the students draw the eye, beak, wattle, and legs

-If you choose to use ceramic plates, you will want to use Modge Podge and paint over the entire front and back of the plates to seal them

-ENJOY! 😊 These are really pretty simple to make and will spread so much joy!

Keep Reading For Your Freebie

If you’re looking for a way to keep your other students entertained while you make the handprints, check out these Turkey nonfiction stories here! These readers have real pictures and a space to write what they learned about turkeys. It’s sure to hold their attention while keeping them in the Thanksgiving spirit!

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This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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