10 Ways to Prepare for a New School Year

Summer is in full swing and hopefully, you are finding time to unwind. Are you ready to start thinking of the new school year and creating lists of all the things you need to complete once you return to your classroom? To ensure you get the most out of your well-deserved time off, we’ve created a simple list of 10 ways you can prepare for a new school year.

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Classroom Prep for the New School Year

1. Print, Laminate, and Prepare Morning Bins

Preparing morning bins over summer break is an easy rainy-day task. You can place all of your materials in a bucket and work on them as time allows. Organize and prepare the bins you will use during the first month of school to make the beginning weeks run smoothly. Take the time to laminate and cut out other labels and decor as well. Check out the Morning Bins Bundle Here to get some ideas!

2. Shop for your Classroom Library

Shop for used books at local book consignment shops or garage sales. These are cheap options to fill in the gaps you noticed in your classroom library or to grab an extra copy of a loved book. Don’t forget to grab a summer read for yourself!

3. Restock your Prize Boxes

Decide what prizes you will use for rewards and purchase those items as you find good deals. Some fun ideas for your prize boxes:

  • Mini Erasers
  • Water Bottle Stickers
  • Fidget Toys
  • Candy
  • Scented Stickers
  • Fun Pencils/Pens

Or create a Classroom Sticker Store Here!

4. Create a Wish List

Create a digital or typed wish list of items that are not on the standard supply list. Include supplies that get depleted quickly and new things you wish to add to your classroom. Have these prepared so you can hand out the QR code or hard copy to parents at Meet the Teacher.

Professional Prep for the New School Year

5. Science of Reading Support

Take the time to learn more about the Science of Reading by attending trainings, reading books, and listening to Podcasts. Several helpful options are below.

6. Collaborate and Complete A Pacing Guide

Meeting with your team to collaborate and plan for the upcoming school year is not only productive but fun! It’s the perfect time to fill in your pacing guide for the year and brainstorm ideas.

Snag our FREE, editable pacing guide in Simply Kinder+ here to get started!

Prepping Yourself for the New School Year

7. Buy a New Planner and/or Desk Calendar

Prepare for a new school year by finding a planner and/or desk calendar that suits your needs. Write down important dates from your school district calendar and other dates that are important to the school year. Use fun pens, highlighters, and stickers to make it fun!

8. Purchase a New Teacher Bag

We know teachers carry things back and forth between school and home and bags get worn out quickly. Finding a bag that comfortably fits your daily items and is comfortable to carry is important. Teachers need new supplies as well!

9. Buy a Few Back to School Outfits and Comfy Shoes

Buying a few new outfits always makes going back to school a little more exciting. Find some items that are comfy and practical to wear. Don’t forget to get some comfy shoes for all of the steps you will take in those first few weeks.

10. Relax

The most important thing you can do to prepare for a new school year is to find time to relax. Go on vacation, read a book, enjoy extra time with friends & family, and take it easy. This is your time to rejuvenate before a new school year.

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