Do you need some easy alphabet activities for kindergarten? We’ve got a great list of fun activities for your classroom! You’ll find games, printables, videos, and a whole list of ideas for to help your Kinders learn their letters. Lots of ideas for independent or group learning.

Alphabet Activities For Kindergarten

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What Does It Mean To Teach The Alphabet?

Teaching the alphabet encompasses letter identification, letter sounds, and using those letters to spell out words. Early learners need meaningful hands on experiences as they learn their letters.  

Why Do We Emphasise The Alphabet?

According to a number of studies, the single best predictor of reading success is a student’s ability to recognize and name the upper- and lower- case letters of the alphabet. It makes sense doesn’t it? After all child who can easily and accurately recognize of letters will find it easier to learn letter sounds and blends.

Receiving clear instruction on letters of the alphabet is important in Kindergarten. One of the skills that early leaders have to learn is how our alphabetic language works.

alphabet activities for kindergarten

The Best Ways To Teach The Alphabet

Some of the best ways to teach letters and sounds to early learners include:

Let’s start with the basics

This post has a lot of tips to help you learn how to teach the alphabet.

alphabet activities for kindergarten

Alphabet song Videos

One of my favorite alphabet activities for kindergarten is to show short YouTube videos. Kids love them and it makes teaching so easy!  So here are some fun, quick, and simple videos you can use to reinforce all the letters names!

Harry Kindergarten – Learnin’ My Letters (Run time  2:08)

Do You Know Your Alphabet by Harry Kindergarten (2:41)

Next are videos that help with sounds.  Here’s the collection I always pull from!

Have Fun Teaching has songs for each letter. Here is A

Learn the letters and their sounds with Jack Hartman

Also check out our teacher approved videos for each letter

Interactive webpagesthat teach the alphabet

Here are some interactive web pages that kids enjoy using .  Now these are games (or contain multiple games or alphabet activities for kindergarten) that I would feel comfortable using whole group during instruction.  

Starfall has short quick interactive videos for each letter. Children can explore each letter. Check them out here.

PBS has some fabulous activities for younger learners. I particularly love Letter Dance Party

Did you know ABCMouse is free for teachers?   Just sign up and you are in!  Full curriculum that works great supplementing into your own!  Click here to sign up!

alphabet activities for kindergarten

Fun Alphabet Resources To Make Planning Easy

  1. Alphabet count down ideas will take you through the last 26 days of school to review the alphabet and have some fun.
  2. My students love making hats!  We’ve got one for every letter!
Alphabet Hats
  1. Kids also like alphabet crafts and we have one craft for every letter. They are super easy to prepare. Just print out the sheets and you are ready to go.
  2. Printable Alphabet Interactive notebooks. These little notebooks invite kids to explore the letters. They learn to read, write, and hear letter names and sounds. Loads of activities and a lot of fun
  3. Alphabet I spy 26 printables for the alphabet invites students to hunt and search for the pictures that start with the given sound.
alphabet activities for kindergarten

Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten Literacy Centers

  1. Do you have a box of ‘alphabet stuff’ but aren’t sure what to do with it? Here is a list of 30+ Alphabet Tub Activities that you can use to help your students learn their letters and sounds!
  2. Free Printable Letter matching game. This free printable letter matching game is always a hit! This version helps students match  uppercase and lowercase letters.
  3. Apple Alphabet Match. Here is another letter matching game, but this one has a fall theme
  4. Alphabet Play Dough Mats are always popular and the kids will build muscle memory as they shape the letters 
  5. Fish Friends Alphabet Centre is a fun sensory tub game that practices letter identification.
  6. Another ocean-themed alphabet sensory bin provides practice matching uppercase and lowercase letters, and more.

Looking For More Alphabet Activities?

Alphabet Activities

Your Turn

What are your go to alphabet activities for kindergarten? What would you add to the list? Please make a comment below.

alphabet activities for kindergarten

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