3 Robot Math Games That Your Kinders Will Love

Need some simple math games to help your students improve their number sense? Our free Robot themed games will help Kinders with number recognition, counting and number logic. Perfect for math centers and home school families. Click through to get your free printable.

At this stage in the year your Kinders are still learning about numbers and the patterns that build our numbering system.

Kinders are perfectly capable of memorizing a lot of math facts. However, this is not the best way to learn. Memorization does play a role, but we want our students to develop a good understanding of numbers. Otherwise, they will quickly encounter difficulties once they are faced with more complicated concepts.

These ideas work well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Children need to truly grasp what numerals represent and what they can do with them. For example,

  • The number 10 can be deconstructed into both 7+3, 6+4.
  • If 7+3=10, then 3+7 also equals 10.
  • And going one step further 10-7 =3
  • Or 10-3 = 7

The Rules of Counting

At the start of their math journey Kinders also need to learn the rules of counting.

  • The numbers we use are arranged in a logical order that never changes.
  • When I count the objects in a group, I can only count each object once.
  • Numbers are a symbol that represents a quantity.
  • The last thing I count tells the number of things in a group.
  • When I count forward, the next number I say means there is one more.
  • If I turn it around and count backward, the next number means there is one less.

Phew, that is quite a lot to learn! Fortunately, most children grasp these concepts quite quickly when they are given lots of opportunities for hands-on activities. As I’m sure you know, manipulatives are helpful at this stage. Here are some of our favorites. These help our concrete thinkers to visualize numbers. Pair them with visual tools such as number lines, charts, or ten frames.

Teacher’s Tip: Have you heard of the mathematical learning disability Dyscalculia? One of the first obvious symptoms is difficulty learning to count. Students will lose track when counting and skip over numbers despite lots of practice. Students that continue to struggle with basic math compared to their peers may have this learning disability. Learn more here.

Math Games Are Your Best Friends

Most children at this stage love to play games, so why not take advantage of that to sneak in some learning. After all, the best way to explore numbers is through hands-on activities. They keep learning fun and give our students a chance to experience numbers. Every time children do this; they build the pathways in their brains that lead to understanding. To help you, we have created a set of printable games for you to use with your Kinders. They are the simplest of games but will provide those hands-on practices your Kinders need. They will also give you lots of opportunities for discussion.

What is in The Math Games Printable?

We designed three different games in this pack. Everything is in black and white as we know lots of you do not have a color printer. Two of the games need very little instruction, so they are perfect for this age group. The third game may need to be played as a group for a while.

The games are perfect for math centers. You can also share this post with parents, so they can create their own set to use as extra practice.

The games feature a fun robot theme for kids. We would suggest running the game sheets through a laminator as this helps them last longer.

Robot wars

Math Game 1Robot Wars

This game is designed for two players. Each player will need one mat, two dice, and the corresponding robot counters. These will have to be cut out before you play. You can use the robot counters we provided or substitute these fun mini robot erasers

Start the game by rolling a pair of dice. Count up the total to find out the number of robots you must place on your mat. It can be as low as 2 or as high as 12. The higher the number, the longer the game lasts.

Players place their robot counters on their mats. The game then begins. Both players throw their dice and count the total number of dots. The one who has the highest number wins that round by capturing one of their opponent’s robots and placing it on the mat. The game continues until one player has captured all their opponent’s robots.

Guess my Number

Math Game 2-Guess My Number?

This is the game that may need to be played in a group with an adult. Give each player a number chart and a pencil or dry eraser marker. You choose a number shown on the chart and challenge your students to find out which one you picked. Students start calling out numbers. If they are wrong, direct them to cross out that number on their chart. Then you can tell them whether the number they guessed is too low or too high. If it is is too low, demonstrate how to draw a line through all the numbers lower than the one they picked. If the number picked is too high, draw a line through the numbers that are greater than the one they picked.

Build a Robot

Math Game 3- Build a Robot

This simple game works for any size group of children. All you need is a dice and a pencil for each child. Substitute dry erase markers for pencils if you have laminated the page.

The players take turns rolling the dice. They count the dots they have rolled and find the corresponding number on the table. They then draw the part of the robot as directed. So, if you roll a 2 you are directed to draw a robot control panel. The first player to complete the drawing of their robot wins. Players that roll a number they have already used lose a turn.

If you want to make the game a little more challenging, you can tell students that they must draw the robot in number order. But Kinders can get impatient with that. You can make the game cooperative by encouraging players to donate repeat throws to other players. So, if a player has already drawn a control panel and they roll another 2, they can give it to another player.

More Simple Math Games


What math games do you use in the classroom? Do your students ask for specific games over and over? Leave a comment below.

Math Games Pin
Math Games Pin

Math Games- Robot Wars

Robot Math Games
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