Sound Wall Games for Kindergarten

You’ve set up your Sound Wall and incorporated it into your literacy lessons but what else can do you with it? Play games, of course! Check out these fun sound wall games for kindergarten that will promote phonics awareness, sound muscle memory, and promote foundational literacy concepts in your classroom. Learn more and grab a free printable individual sound wall below!

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What is a Sound Wall?

If you haven’t been using a sound wall yet, then please read this part! Sound walls are transforming literacy instruction by teaching the 44 phonemes with proper mouth formations, targeted keywords, and building the foundation from speech to print. Learn more about the Simply Kinder Sound Wall Bundle with Activities Here.

Check out this one from teacher Connie from playfulkindie!

Sound Wall Games for Kindergarten

Guess the Sound: Pair students up with either an Individual Sound Wall or Sound Spelling Cards printed and cut out like cards. Students take turns making the sound with proper mouth, tongue, and lips formation while their partner tries to guess which sound it is.

Memory: Just like the classic game, students use two sets of sound spelling cards printed out and cut out like cards to play memory. Shuffle the cards, put them face down and try to make a match.

TIP: When students make a match, instruct them to practice the sound, keywords, and anything they notice about it.

I Spy: This game was shared by teacher Adair on Instagram here. She said, “We love playing “Sound Wall I-Spy” with the sounds we know. I might say “I’m thinking of a continuant sound that is unvoiced.” They use the sound wall cards we’ve introduced to figure out what letter/sound I’m thinking of!” Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Match the Keyword: Print out just the keywords set, and pair students up in twos or threes. Have students take turns guessing which sound the keyword best matches. Have students practice saying each sound clearly with their mouth mirrors.

Mystery Sound: This one can be played whole group by holding up a mouth photo card and having students copy the mouth formation and then guess the sound it makes! A great way to teach the importance of tongue, lips, and proper formation!

Fill in the Sound: Use the free printable individual sound wall sets below and have students practice filling in the sounds on the empty vowel valley and consonant chart! We’ve included a filled-in and empty set so students can check their answers and work on making each sound and identifying keywords while practicing!

More Sound Wall Activities

Make sure to build in some sound wall mini-lessons daily such as practicing sounds with mini mirrors or a partner. Students love to match their mouths to the ones displayed and make sure they’re saying the sound correctly. Give them time to practice, after explicit modeling and directions.

Do you have another game to share? Make sure to join the conversation inside the Simply Kinder Teacher Group here!

Free Printable Individual Sound Walls:

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