Tips for Attending a Teacher Conference

Tips for Teacher Conferences

National teaching conferences are just around the corner and it got me thinking, what are some tips I can share to make your experience at any conference a successful one! 1.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  You do not need to dress up or even wear business casual clothes.  Jeans and a ... read more

5 things teachers can do over the summer to make their B2S easier.

5 Things Teachers Can Do Over the Summer

Summer is the time of year when teachers get to control their schedules.  We can wake up when we want, go where we want, and do what we want.  But all this free time gives us plenty of time to rest and to get ahead of the upcoming school year!  So here are 5 things every teacher can do to make the ... read more

21 Tips from from Teachers for Back to School!  Hear what advice teachers just like you have!

21 Tips for Back To School From Real Teachers

Back to school is an exciting time but it's also one the busiest times for teachers!  There is so much to prepare for your students and even more to plan!  That's where teamwork comes into play and so Emily from Education to the Core and Emma from Clever Classroom thought it would be fun to pull our ... read more

10 Things You Should Know About Extrovert Teachers

10 Things About Extroverted Teachers!

10 Things You Should Know About Extrovert Teachers! I am an extrovert!  I am outgoing, vocal, and probably share my ideas and thoughts too much!  My BFF Emily at Education to the Core is a complete introvert.  She is quiet, goes with the flow, and great at soaking it all up!  So we thought it would ... read more

Kindergarten Blog Post Summer Reading Guide. Catch up with what's going on with kindergarten all over the world!

Kindergarten Summer Blog Posts

Summer is a great time to relax, but as teachers we all know we hardly ever just completely walk away over the summer.  There is no better time to catch up with all your favorite blogs and see what is going on in kindergarten all over the world! So here you have - the ultimate guide to kindergarten ... read more

Successfully teach sight words to the little with 3 basic steps!

Sight Words in 3 Steps!

Here is my 3 step approach to teaching sight words!   Practice sight words EVERY DAY! That's right, practice sight words every, single day.  Repetition is one of the keys when tackling all of the words children are expected to know everyday.  Practicing words they are learning will keep them ... read more

What Would You Tell Your First Year Teacher Self?

Ms. Jones says:  "Don't worry so much about what other teachers think. You were hired for a reason. Be that person! (But take advice as needed.)" Ms. Dueck says:  "Be gentle with yourself!   Not every lesson plan or art project will go as smoothly as you thought or dreamed...sometimes they blow ... read more