Teaching The Whole Alphabet!

Very exciting to be starting my alphabet posts!  I don't know about you, but I teach from all these fabulous blogs because they are not blocked in my district and I find it extremely easy to have everything all loaded on one page!  If I find things worthy along the way, I will add them to the text ... read more

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St. Patrick’s Day Class Pen Pal Project

Our St. Patrick's Day Class Pen Pal Project is all planned out!!!  Are you going to going?   What's a Class Pen Pal Project you ask?  Your class does a project and mails it to another class in the US! So simple!  This particular Class Pen Pal Project is creating a class book and ... read more

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EdExpo 2015

I am super excited about attending EDExpo 2015 this year! In just a few more days superintendents, curriculum coordinators, and retailers of educational brick & mortars and online stores will converge on Atlanta, Georgia for the premier showcase of educational supplies, materials, furnishings, ... read more

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Losing my Interactive Whiteboard

I lost my interactive whiteboard.  I know it sounds crazy that this would be an upsetting thing, but I really feel like losing my Interactive Whiteboard made me rethink teaching!  Here's how it went down: I was very excited when I started working in low-income district that I would not only be ... read more

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100th Day Hershey Kiss Hunt

100th's Day Hershey Kiss Hunt is a fun activity to do on the 100th day to reinforce numbers to 100!  So simple - you hide 100 kisses, the kids find them and record which numbers they found!  So much fun!   To do this activity, you will need 2 bags of Hershey Kisses.  (You will have a ... read more

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13 Candy Heart Activities

Candy Heart Activies are perfect for the month of Valentine's Day!  So many opportunities for science, literacy, and math that your students will LOVE! So here are 13 experiments (or learning activities)  to do with candy hearts! 1.  Dissolve them in different ... read more

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Chapter Books for Kindergarten

Chapter books are a great addition to your kindergarten classroom!  They are good to read to your students and you may even have some kiddos who are ready to read some of them on their own!  So here are 12 chapter books your kindergarteners will love!   Frankies Magic Soccer Ball is a ... read more