12 and 20 Confusion

12 and 20 Confusion

It's common for kindergarteners to confuse the numbers 12 and 20.  They sound so much alike and both have 2's in them so it's completely understandable!  But getting them over this can be tricky and so I made this resource to help you!  Check out these activities to ... read more

LeapFrog Word Whammer is a great little reading intervention or center activity for your kindergarten students! Activities include alphabetic principal, letter sounds, and reading CVC words! PERFECT for your classroom!

Reading Intervention – Word Whammer

Coming up with different reading intervention activities is definitely one of the tricky tasks we have as teachers!  We know that what worked in whole group did not work for these children and so we have to constantly mix it up when we pull them for small groups or given when we are giving them ... read more

Join the Simply Kinder Collaborative Teacher Pinterest Boards to collect and find great kindergarten and early childhood content!

Simply Kinder Collaborative Teacher Boards

I am very excited to announce a BIG addition to the Simply Kinder community!  Yes, Simply Kinder teachers will now have access to a set of Pinterest boards to pin AMAZING early childhood content! So why is this happening?  Well for a few reasons.  First, it has been requested by many teachers in ... read more

What Stuck With You Today Poster. Great for end of day review and reminding kids what they learned before they walk out your door!

What Stuck With You Today Chart

Helping your students to remember what exactly they learned during the day can be a tricky task.  So I made this fun little What Stuck With You Today chart to guide our discussions at the end of the day! I made it completely by hand.  Here's what I did:  Laid out all of the Post-It Notes ... read more

Show your appreciation for teacher with this fun and free Pumpkin for the Teacher Gift Tag!

Pumpkin for the Teacher

It's Fall and that means it times for pumpkins!  What better way to celebrate than by spoiling your teacher friends with this adorable Pumpkin for the Teacher treat! I have to admit, I don't cook or bake.  My verb is order (LOL don't judge.)  But making these yummy treats was super easy with ... read more

Books About Apples

Books About Apples

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the apples are growing! What better way to celebrate this glorious season than by reading books on apples? There are numerous books available, but be sure to take advantage of these kindergarten favorites.  Here are some great suggestions on books your ... read more

Frog Street Splash 2015!  A great early childhood conference for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade teachers.

Frog Street Splash

I was very lucky to have been invited to Frog Street Splash and a blog ambassador before the 2015-2015 school year!  So I packed my bags and headed to Splash and attended the BEST early childhood conference I have ever been to! 1.  The classes were AMAZING!  Frog Street plans sessions that are ... read more