Successfully teach sight words to the little with 3 basic steps!

Sight Words in 3 Steps!

Here is my 3 step approach to teaching sight words!   Practice sight words EVERY DAY! That's right, practice sight words every, single day.  Repetition is one of the keys when tackling all of the words children are expected to know everyday.  Practicing words they are learning will keep them ... read more

What Would You Tell Your First Year Teacher Self?

Ms. Jones says:  "Don't worry so much about what other teachers think. You were hired for a reason. Be that person! (But take advice as needed.)" Ms. Dueck says:  "Be gentle with yourself!   Not every lesson plan or art project will go as smoothly as you thought or dreamed...sometimes they blow ... read more

Pillowcase Keepsake

End of Year Pillowcase

End of Year Pillowcases! For years I had done shirts with signatures but never really liked how the students would grow out of them.  And so then I moved to pillowcases with handprints and after a few years, the thought of doing 25 handprints on 25 pillows just became such a project!  Then it hit ... read more

Teacher  Day. Hydrangea flowers and copybooks on the teacher d

Teacher Appreciation Letter

Dear Mrs. Fox, Hi, it's me Jennifer from your kindergarten class of 1984!  I know you remember me, I was the naughty one.  Well guess what, I have taught kinder for 14 years and love every moment it!  I wanted to write to you to say I appreciate you, but we should start with some much needed ... read more

Disney Classroom Makeover with Simply Kinder.  Check out how we transformed a class with bulletin boards, desk plates, and classroom decor with Mickey Mouse decor from Eureka Schools.

Disney Classroom Decor

Disney Classroom Decor Makeover and Giveaway with Eureka School! I am so excited to be sharing with you a Disney Classroom Makeover with my friends at Eureka School and Teach-A-Roo!  Everything from bulletin boards, to jobs, to desk plates were redone!  Take a peek below! This is the new ... read more


Teacher Interview Tips

Surviving a Teacher Interview I have been through quite a few teacher interviews over my years teaching; being the last person hired often makes you the first person cut!  Over the years, I have been told I interview very well and so this post is to help teachers survive the dread teacher ... read more

Free Fingerprint Tree Template that is editable!

Thank You Gifts From Your Class

Free Editable Fingerprint Tree Finding ways to thank those who have volunteered in your class can be a tricky thing.  We are teachers so our funds are limited and yet we want to give them something meaningful!  Thus we have - Fingerprint Trees!  And I have just made it much easier for you with this ... read more