13 Candy Heart Activities

Candy Heart Activies are perfect for the month of Valentine's Day!  So many opportunities for science, literacy, and math that your students will LOVE! So here are 13 experiments (or learning activities)  to do with candy hearts! 1.  Dissolve them in different ... read more


Chapter Books for Kindergarten

Chapter books are a great addition to your kindergarten classroom!  They are good to read to your students and you may even have some kiddos who are ready to read some of them on their own!  So here are 12 chapter books your kindergarteners will love!   Frankies Magic Soccer Ball is a ... read more


Valentine’s Box Family Project!

Each year I ask my families to make their own Valentine's Boxes with this children!  It's so simple: I send home the letter and the boxes start coming in!  (Probably not so simple for my families though but I have enough on my plate to worry about Valentine's Day Boxes!) So here are some of the ... read more

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Snowmen With Crayon Carrot Noses

I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE winter projects!   We always make snowmen this time of year, but about 5 years ago when 'arts and crafts' was taken way I had to get creative.  So, we make these super cute snowmen, the students write stories for thier bodies, and they assemble in about ... read more

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More Classroom Elf Ideas!

More elf ideas for your classrooms.Sleeping in the homework box... sorry can't turn in your homework today!  Today's Object:  FUN!  Crazy elf!Tucked in for a little snooze next to our DIBELS books... I know the feeling elfie, I know the feeling!Writing in our writing center!Don't ... read more

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Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses – A How To with Freebies!

Here you have it.. a how to on making those fun milk carton gingerbread houses!  It is a fun activity for your students, but requires a lot of little details falling together in order to run smoothly! Gingerbread houses in our class are an academic activity!  Students will create a graph ... read more