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Disney Social Media Moms 2015 #DisneySMMC

We're going!!!!  We're going!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how surprised and excited I was to discover a magical email in my inbox last weekend - an invite to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Disney World in May of 2015!  A Disney Social Media Celebration... is there such a conference ... read more


The Unwritten Rules of Car Dismissal

  I have been fortunate enough to be able to pick my son from school this year as a regular parent and it is seriously so angering!   There are at least 2-3 times per week where I get cut off, short cut, or have to dodge children.  It's not safe and it needs to change!   And as a teacher ... read more

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Jelly Bean Freebie

Love to incorporate candy when I can! Here's some free jelly bean activities for graphing, sorting, and tallying! I provided with colors and without because last year I had to white out colors when I could not find the exact colors on the freebie I used! So frustrating to have to search for jelly ... read more

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Fun with Peeps!

Fun with Peeps!!!  Here are 10 activities to do with your students and those tasty treats Peeps! 1.  Eat them and describe how they taste!  Use your senses! {The above Senses Activity can be downloaded for FREE from the preview from our Peeps Science Journals!) 2.  Read the ... read more

Truth About Teaching Kindergarten

The Truth About Teaching Kindergarten

10 Truths About Teaching Kindergarten! 1.  You have to really want to be a kindergarten teacher.  And for that reason alone... those who teach kindergarten usually love it!  Call us crazy - but we have a passion learning basic skills and wiping boogers!  We choose this job and trust me, it's ... read more

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Working with Struggling Readers in the Early Years

By now you have identified there are some students in your class who either don't do well at reading or just don't like it!  As teachers... we want to inspire them to like and love books because "reading opens so many doors" but what do we do for these kids to get them there?  Is our approach to ... read more

Splash is Frog Street’s early childhood educational conference is an exceptional professional learning experience for all educators of young children.

Frog Street Splash Early Childhood Conference

I am super excited that I am going to Frog Street Splash's Early Childhood Conference this year!  The ultimate early childhood educational conference is an exceptional professional learning experience for all educators of young children. I have never been before; have you?  I am so excited ... read more